Frankford moves trick-or-treating to Halloween

The Frankford Town Council at their meeting on Monday, Oct. 7, voted to move the town’s official trick-or-treating hours to Halloween itself this year.

Due to the cancelation of the town’s annual Fall Festival, the council unanimously voted to set the trick-or-treating hours for Thursday, Oct. 31, on Halloween night, instead of the usual allotted time scheduled after the festival’s events on the Saturday before Halloween. Trick-or-treating on Halloween of 2013 will held in Frankford between 6 and 8 p.m. — two hours later than in the past — to give parents a chance to get home from work and prepare.

The council members also unanimously voted to renew their annual QuickBooks subscription for $449, as well the annual $430 Web design fee from R.J. Stancliff & Associates for the town’s website. A formal motion was also set for the Town to donate $750 to the Frankford Public Library for a new sign.

A representative from the Frankford Volunteer Fire Company spoke on an issue with the use of the fire hall, which is rented out to town residents for events and parties. According to the fire company representatives, the space is being used in a less than ideal manner, with the space itself not being treated well and music and noise getting too loud at times.

“It’s not happening as often [as before], but it’s still happening,” the representative said during the Oct. 7 meeting. “We have to work it out so everybody can use it and no one gets hurt.”

He cited alcohol as being the main cause for concern. “No alcohol, no problem,” he said.

The hall will continue to be rented out, but festivities will not be permitted to continue after midnight, and the doors will need to be kept closed to limit the noise. The police department said they had not received any calls or complaints about the situation.

Also at the Oct. 7 meeting, Councilman Charles Shelton expressed his concern with possible trash burning in the area, which the police department will be looking into. Residents are permitted to burn sticks and limbs, but burning leaves, trash and other items is prohibited inside town limits. All open burning is prohibited statewide from May 1 through Sept. 30, due to concerns about pollution.

The next town council meeting is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 4, at 7 p.m. in the Frankford Volunteer Fire Company’s meeting room.