Dagsboro considers water tower maintenance, IRHS marquee

The Dagsboro Town Council met on Monday, Sept. 23, and discussed issues ranging from an electronic marquee proposed by the Indian River High School alumni committee to a water-tower maintenance program pitch from an outside company.

Members of the alumni committee told the council that the marquee is something that they have wanted to implement for years, but they still need to come up with funding for the project.

The town council is looking into whether or not any town bylaws need to be amended for the sign, but the general consensus was that a government institution would have approval for a sign at the discretion of the council. Traffic safety issues and approval from local residents will also be considered in the process, they said.

The school still has a lot to do on their end, in terms of design, but the fire company signs displayed in the towns of Roxana and Millville were referenced on multiple occasions throughout the meeting.

The council is also seriously considering hiring a water-tower maintenance company, with their rationale being that paying for regular maintenance will potentially prolong the life of the town’s current water tank and avoid future costs.

Town Administrator Stacey Long stated that she believed that it would be within the town’s budget at this time to hire the company to maintain the tank.

The town’s current water tank was rebuilt in 2006 and is still in good shape, according to the company. However, they said, they believe it would be a good time to begin a maintenance routine. The company’s representatives also stated that they estimate the current tank to be at its “half-life” and suggested adding locks and safety cables, in addition to re-painting the tank.

The council is scheduled to meet again on Monday, Oct. 28.