Mother's Day weekend offers chance to adopt a baby...hydrangea

Those looking for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift need look no further. Gardeners by the Sea is holding a special Mother’s Day sale of baby hydrangeas on Saturday, May 11.

Coastal Point • Stock photo

“I thought it was a novel approach,” said Lisa Arni, who founded the group. “It’s a different kind of gift.”

The sale will be held at York Beach Mall on Route 1, in front of McCabe’s Gourmet Market in South Bethany, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. Each plant costs $8.

Arni said those who purchase a baby hydrangea can choose a “girl” or “boy” to adopt, and every plant will come complete with “adoption papers” and instructions for care.

“It was an education for our members,” said Arni, noting that all the hydrangeas were grown from cuttings from hydrangeas in members’ own gardens.

Arni said adoptive hydrangea parents don’t need to have gardening experience to grow a happy and healthy hydrangea. She added that they can be both planted in the ground or in a large pot.

“They’re very happy in our coastal area. They’re very versatile.”

The money raised from the event will go toward funding the group’s annual scholarships of $1,000 each to two Delaware Technical & Community College horticulture students.

Gardeners By the Sea has 45 members and is actively involved in bettering the community — from offering gardening therapy at the Cheer Center to working with kids through the Kiwanis Club, to creating and maintaining the rain garden at Lord Baltimore Elementary School.

“We also have a victory garden at Bayside. All the produce from there is given to the Feed My Sheep Ministry Soup Kitchen at Mariner’s Bethel,” said Arni. “We do a lot of things in the area.”

To raise funds for their various civic projects, Gardeners By the Sea also holds an annual Flower Show, which will be held on June 5 this year, and a golf outing to be held in September at Cripple Creek.

“In this time of our lives it’s always nice to give back,” said Arni.

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