Roots Landscaping continues Easter egg hunt tradition

This weekend, Roots Landscaping will be holding its 10th Annual Easter Egg Hunt, in conjunction with the Redmen of Selbyville and the Salem United Methodist Church.

Coastal Point • File Photo: A little girl puts eggs into her basket.Coastal Point • File Photo: A little girl puts eggs into her basket.More than 40 years ago, Betty Madara and her family started an egg hunt for the town of Selbyville, and later joined forces with the Redmen and Salem Church. After Madara’s passing, the event was held at Fred and Geraldine Stevens’ home in Selbyville. In 2010, Roots Landscaping and Garden Center owner Catherine Winkler was approached to combine the Betty Madara Easter Egg Hunt with the Roots Easter Egg Hunt.

“She did it as a courtesy to the town,” explained Winkler of Madara. “Two years ago I was approached by Freddy Stevens who used to have it at his house, and asked that my Easter egg hunt be combined with the Betty Madara hunt. It’s now our 10th year. I think that’s really cool. Every year it has grown. I remember one doing it in the snow and having maybe 10 people show up. It’s nice to see it evolve into this.”

Winkler and her husband Bill started the Root’s egg hunt a decade ago to enjoy the business a little more with their young family.

“My husband and I started it here at the nursery just as a way to incorporate our family into our work. We have three boys 11, 8 and 2-and-a-half. Any opportunity we can, we like to have them come out and join in the fun so to speak,” she said. Noting with a laugh, “They’re expert egg stuffers. They do the whole gamut from prepping for the games to participating in the games and the egg hunt. I don’t think any of them have outgrown egg hunting yet.”

Held on Saturday, March 20, from noon to 3 p.m., the hunt is free to ages zero to 14 years old.

“We hide eggs and candy throughout the nursery and section it off according to age group and the kids sort of have the run of the place,” explained Winkler.

Winkler said that she’s unsure of the amount of eggs that will be hidden on the day, but that there will be enough to house treats from 150 bags of candy.

“There’s a lot. It takes us about one-and-a-half to two hours to hide all of the eggs. And every year we grow and do a little more,” she said. “It’s kind of fun to find the candy all year long, the ones that are missed. They’re not edible at that point but it’s fun.”

This will be the second year that there will be additional activities, including games and pictures with the Easter Bunny, at a minimal cost.

“Last year we started something new. We have the Easter Bunny come out and kids can get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. We take the pictures and give them back to the parents, either in digital format or they can come back and pick up a 4x6 glossy photo. We also incorporated games, and the kids seemed to really enjoy that so we’re doing those again this year.”

Games include an egg rolling obstacle course, egg decorating, minigolf, and hippity-hoppity Easter memory games.

“Everything is outside and everything is action packed. There are beanbag races, we have a game with water guns. The games last about two-and-a-half hours,” said Winkler. “Parents can purchase tickets for a small fee which helps offset the cost of the egg hunt. Any proceeds that comes from these ticket sales then get donated back to Salem Church.”

Winkler said that last year approximately 85 children participated in the hunt, and hopes that more families will come out and continue the tradition.

“I think people appreciate it,” she said. “I love that so many people remember coming and doing the egg hunt. I like being associated with that type of event. I like that people remember the egg hunts here at Roots, I think that’s neat.”

Roots Landscaping is located at 36226 Dupont Blvd. in Selbyville. For more information, call (302) 732-0866 or e-mail