Georgetown Chamber to hold 13th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce’s 13th Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Saturday, March 30, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Marvel Carriage Museum in Georgetown.

“Within those 13 years, every year we learn a little better way of making sure that everyone has a good time and a safe time and a happy time, so that everyone finds those special eggs that are hidden out there,” said Karen Duffeild, the Chamber’s executive director, who has been organizing the event for the last five years.

“Within that time, it has really become an incredibly popular and traditional seasonal event for the Chamber to sponsor for the community of Georgetown.”

The egg hunts will begin at noon, with 6,000 eggs hidden around the museum’s grounds.

“Every year it just continues to grow in popularity. We can measure that by that the amount of children… Every year it seems like we attract more and more children, and the Easter Bunny distributes more and more Easter eggs,” she said. “We have the different hunts divided by age. We try to limit the chaos that is created when you have so many eggs hidden and children and parents actually.”

The age-group hunts are staggered so that parents may see all their children participate.

“It is amazing how quickly the egg hunt itself is over,” noted Duffield. “It would be unusual for an actual egg hunt to last more than a couple minutes. Those kids are quite the scavengers and collectors,” she said, noting that children should bring their own baskets for the egg collection.

“You’ve hidden hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of eggs, adding up to 6,000, but it’s over in almost a blink of an eye. Now that we’ve staggered them, it’s not all over quite as fast.”

Duffield said approximately 600 kids participated in the event last year and said she hopes this year will draw even more families.

“The kids and their parents, they’re very excited and anxious to collect as many eggs as they possibly can. We want everyone to have that opportunity and to have fun doing it,” she said. Chamber volunteers are wonderful, Duffield noted, for donating their time to helping put on the event.

“It takes quite a number of volunteers to help distribute them, to serve as our Easter Bunnies. They get out there and make sure the grounds are sprinkled with as many eggs as we have, and to organize the hunt so it doesn’t get out of control.”

At the hunt, the Chamber also announces the winners of their annual coloring contest, in which children four ages groups from ages 3 to 10 send in a coloring page from the Chamber’s Web site.

“We have had a coloring contest that runs in conjunction with the event. That has been advertised the week or so prior to the event. We judge the pictures and then mount them and announce the award winners at the event.”

Those who wish to participate in the egg hunts and coloring contest may do so free of charge. However, for a minimal $3 fee, children may also take part in face painting, train rides, a moon bounce and more.

“For $3, you have an unlimited reign to take part in any of those activities,” said Duffield.

For an additional $5 fee, children can have their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny, who will be making a special appearance.

“A major and a really popular element of our festival is the pictures with the Easter Bunny. Those are so popular, and they come out so beautifully. You can pick them up right there,” Duffield noted.

Craft and food vendors will also be on-site during the event, selling everything from fresh potted flowers and jewelry to quilts and food.

“Last year, we introduced craft vendors so our participants can maybe find that last-minute Easter gift. We have wonderful food that is available, as well.”

Duffield said that the event wouldn’t be possible without the generous sponsorship of Chardon Jewelry, Sussex Eye Center, the Sussex County Post, Delaware State Police Federal Credit Union, Wilmington University, Servpro of Sussex County, Mercantile Processing, Atlantic Refrigeration and Perdue Farms. She added that she hopes the community will come out for a great day of Easter fun.

“We’re pleased to organize an event like this, because it is absolutely, positively 100 percent for our community and it is not a fundraiser event for us,” she said. “We are able to do it through the generous contributions of the member businesses. It’s just an activity that really draws our Georgetown community together in a fun and safe family event.”

The Marvel Carriage Museum is located at 510 S Bedford Street in Georgetown. For more information, call the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce at (302) 856-154 or visit