BREAKING NEWS: Eakle calls on candidates to help plan assistance for hurricane-threatened residents

Delaware Senate District 20 candidate Rick Eakle (D) on Friday asked his fellow Sussex County candidates in the Nov. 6 elections to put aside their political differences ahead of the anticipated arrival of Hurricane Sandy and gather to plan together ways they can help coastal residents weather the storm.

"Delaware is facing a possible weather event far worse than we have seen in a long time, possibly as soon as late Saturday," Eakle said. "This event could threaten the lives and homes of many of our inland and coastal residents. I expect that many of our coastal residents will soon be asked to leave their homes for higher and safer ground. Some of these residents may have difficulty doing so for various reasons."

Eakle said he was aware that Delaware has resources to help such people but that additional support may be needed.

"I am asking all candidates for office in Sussex County to put aside our political differences for a few days and meet to establish a plan as to how we might help our residents who need assistance to get away from the storm, secure their homes, or help in any way to support their efforts to weather the storm," he said.

Eakle said he wished to I coordinate a meeting of all candidates "as quickly as we possibly can. We may not come up with any ideas, but it is certainly worth the effort to try to help those who look to us for support."

Eakle can be reached by calling (302) 436-4633.