Millsboro to hold Halloween Family Night Out

On Halloween night, the Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce will be offering a safe place for families to trick-or-treat in town.

In the field next to Dairy Queen, Chamber members will be handing out free candy and juice boxes to trick-or-treaters on Wednesday, Oct. 31, from 6 to 8 p.m.

“My understanding is it was something that the police started, and the Chamber joined in,” explained Chamber Coordinator Amy Simmons.

Aside from candy, kids will be able to check out police vehicles up close.

“The police are there with their vehicles and equipment. They show the kids their cars and motorcycles and that sort of thing. Last year, the Millsboro fire company was also involved in this.”

Simmons said the event has been embraced by Chamber members and the local police and fire departments but that she hopes it will grow into a larger community event.

“In the future, I would like to see it become a little bit bigger than what it is now. I’d like to get the community a little more involved in it.”

She added that the Chamber hopes that families will stop by and take advantage of the fun and safe trick-or-treating event.

“It’s a safe place for the kids to trick-or-treat, and everyone is welcome. Everybody is happy.”