Millville approves real estate offices on Route 26

Millville Town Council held another relatively succinct council meeting on Sept. 13, sans Mayor Gary Willey (out for surgery, but recovering nicely, according to Council Member Gerry Hocker).

Hocker said they’d approved two changes of zone, from Residential to Commercial, for two local real estate agents. Vickie York (lately of RE/Max by the Sea) will be launching her own venture near the Shop of the Four Sisters — a single business, but with offices in houses side-by-side (along Route 26), he said.

And Joe Connor (Atlantic Real Estate), who lives locally but has been working in Dewey Beach, will also be converting a home into an office (also on Route 26, near Whites Neck Road). Hocker said both changes were relatively straightforward, and passed without objection.

“We can issue conditional uses, but quite frankly, not many people want to live in a house on Route 26, anymore,” Hocker said. “It’s becoming a major commercial area.” (He noted his own parcel on Route 26 as an exception, but at least Hocker’s house isn’t set snug against the street.)

In other development news, Hocker said Millville Township developers had re-scheduled a “charette” workshop originally planned for earlier this month — it was now slated for Thursday, Oct. 6. “That should give them a chance to present updates, and take feedback from council, or the public,” he noted.

Hocker also reported on a recent meeting between council members, Secretary David Mitchell (state Department of Safety and Homeland Security), Lt. Col. Mark Seifert (deputy superintendent, Delaware State Police) and Maj. Randall Hughes (field operations officer for the Delaware State Police in Kent and Sussex counties), regarding a possible Millville police force.

Having completed the feasibility study, Hocker said the town was now considering a one- to two-year timeline for program genesis. Mitchell, Seifert and Hughes had indicated Millville was on the right track, he added, and there was a possibility they might be able to help the town procure an equipped police cruiser.