Dredging company staging in Fenwick

Fenwick Island Mayor Peter Frederick recently offered a heads-up to folks just rolling into town — the dredging company preparing to pump up Fenwick beaches was scheduled to start hauling beach replenishment gear back and forth on Bayard Street over the next few days.

Frederick said they expected to first run pipe 500 feet southward from Bayard, to North Carolina or West Virginia street, and then pump sand another 500 feet beyond that.

That’s as far south as the project is going to go, he said. “They thought the beach was in pretty good shape down there, and frankly, we did too,” he added.

The company will run the same amount of pipe north of Bayard, and walk from there to the state park.

Frederick suspected the beach-end at Bayard would be closed for three or four days, but open again after that. Luckily for Fenwick beachgoers, the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) plans to keep the rest of the pipe stored in a secondary staging area near the Indian River Inlet until the first section of beach is complete.

When the actual dredging work was going to begin, Frederick said he still wasn’t 100 percent sure — somewhere within a week of Sept. 1, early or late, he predicted.

“After that, I don’t know how long it will take, but I still get the sense they want to do this as quickly as possible, get in and out,” he said.

More good news — he said he’d been told the borrow site for Fenwick contained a fine sand material similar to that used immediately to the south, on Ocean City, Md. beaches.