Competing teams, final details for World Series being finalized

Most of the logistics of Senior League Softball World Series have been figured out. All that is left is to determine which teams will be playing at the championship event.

“Right now it looks like we know Puerto Rico and Poland are coming,” organizer Bruce Layton said.

The rest of the tournaments to determine where the rest of the teams are coming from have not been played. The United States West and South tournaments will end Aug. 4, and the World Series is set to begin Aug. 7 at the Pyle Center near Roxana.

Puerto Rico is representing Latin America, and Poland is from the group in Europe/Africa/Middle East.

Latin America was last year’s winner of the World Series.

The housing is all taken care of at Bear Trap Dunes. There are 28 houses that have been rented for the teams. Bus drivers have donated their time to shuttle the teams back and forth from the fields to Bear Trap. Flights are set for teams and are just waiting for someone to fill those spots.

Volunteer are still needed for just about everything needed to run the series. They need help with people parking cars, security, concession sales, medical concerns and field maintenance. Layton said it takes about 70 to 80 people to run the series on a single night.

One issue they don’t have an answer for this year but are hoping to get handled in time for next year’s series is seating capacity.

Last year, around 1,500 people showed up every night to watch the games, and the Roxana complex just doesn’t have that much capacity. They are hoping to get more bleachers for next year’s event. For now, though, it’s up to the individual softball fan to arrange for seating.

“People are going to have to bring their own chairs,” Layton said, of the case in which the bleachers are filled.

Half the teams will arrive Friday, Aug. 5, and the other half will arrive on the following day, Saturday. Many of the teams originating closer to Delaware will be arriving by bus instead of having flights arranged for them.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help with the Senior League Softball World Series can contact Bruce Layton at (302) 539-4768.