Line-dancing class to benefit fire company

The Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company is in the midst of a new building campaign and needs as much help as they can get to raise money for their updated fire hall.

Enter 79-year-old Iris Mooney.

Mooney will be teaching a six-week line-dancing class at the fire hall in Bethany Beach, to benefit the fire company’s capital campaign. The cost is $30 for the six-week class or $6 per drop-in session. All proceeds will go to the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company.

The class is open to all ages, and no experience is required. It will start July 26 and run every Tuesday through Aug. 30.

“The biggest thing is to get money for the fire department,” Mooney said of her class.

Two years ago, the fire company halted the long-standing tradition of bingo at the fire hall. It had been a fundraiser for the company’s ladies auxiliary, of which Mooney is a member. The group then needed a new outlet for fundraising.

They have tried things like yard sales, but then Mooney brought up the idea of line dancing. Everyone liked the idea, and Mooney did it for the first time last year.

Last year’s line-dance class raised $1,200 for the Bethany fire company.

“I’m interested in getting people in there to line dance and raise money,” Mooney said. “Hopefully, we will raise more than last year.”

Mooney is no stranger to raising money for good causes.

When in Florida, she focuses on being an advocate for Angel Flight, an organization in which pilots take time out of their schedules to fly the sick to hospitals when they don’t have enough money to pay for the flights on their own. Angel Flight also flies organs for transplant.

The Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company has more than 60 members and their operations cover the area from south of the Indian River Bridge to the Maryland/Delaware state line and points inland, covering 11 square miles.

Most recently, the BBVFC added a substation in Fenwick Island.