Fenwick fishing club continues to organize

The Fenwick Island Fishing Club, still in its early stages of formation, held its second meeting Saturday, July 9.
Thus far, the club has determined its purpose: to have people join in a formal organization as a surf- and saltwater-fishing club and to preserve marine natural resources.

Organizers are also forming the club to encourage young anglers to join the sport of fishing by giving them a forum in which they can be informed of the details of fishing.

During the meeting July 9, they also decided on dues and membership fees. The initial startup fee will be $20, and from then on membership will cost $10 annually.

Those age 16 or older can become a full-fledged member of the club. Before age 16 and starting at 6, they can be a junior member. Dues for the junior members were set at $5, or free if they are accompanied by a full, adult member of the club.

More attended the club’s second meeting than the initial one held in June — specifically, 10 men — but members stressed that anyone can join, whether they be man, woman or child.

“We are going to have to rely on hearsay to get more members, since there are few members right now,” club Vice President Jim Walters said.

Something to entice the youngsters into participating will be a free trip on a charter boat. That trip is set for sometime in August, before school recommences. The charter boat Daddy’s Girl will be making the trip.

“They hook the fish, but they hook themselves first,” club President John Belian said of the impact of first fishing experiences on youngsters.

Sharing information among members is also something the club will stress, as they are all there to promote fishing. When someone catches something of note, the club will keep track of where it was hooked, with what bait and the date it was caught.

The next meeting had not been scheduled as of Coastal Point press time, but club members expected word would get out when it was.

Membership applications are being sent to those who attended the first two meetings and more will be available for those who show up for the next one. The formation of the club’s bylaws will be on the agenda for that meeting.

For more information about the Fenwick Island Fishing Club, e-mail Belian at cptjgbel@compucenter.net.