Frankford council continues budget work

Members of the Frankford Town Council decided to increase the budget for a town park and building maintenance significantly at their annual budget hearing Monday, June 27, while also re-allocating more than $31,000 in surplus from the previous fiscal year.

Under the proposed budget, about $5,000 in additional funds will go toward improving the park, while more than $8,000 in additional funds will go to help maintain town-owned buildings.

The council has worked to transform a park on the corner of Clayton Street and Hickory Street, which was once a Little League field, into a space for playground equipment and two pavilions.

“We want to always continue to improve the park and we want to be able to do that as much as possible,” said Robert Daisey, president of the town council. “That park is well used and we will keep enhancing it.”

The council budgeted $8,000 to enhance the space in the coming year. Part of the funds will be used to build a multi-purpose surface for a variety of sports, which the council has discussed having made out of different materials, such as asphalt or even used tennis shoes.

The town also budgeted $10,000 to maintain town properties, such as the town hall, the Justice of the Peace Court building, the Wells Depot building and the restrooms at the town park.

“The council took a very proactive stance,” said Terry Truitt, the town administrator. “If you invest now in the future of those buildings, you don’t have to constantly keep putting money in for upkeep.”

Truitt added that since town hall is considered an historical building, maintenance for items such as a new roof would be more expensive and require a larger portion of the budget.

The council noted that the budget for July 1, 2004, through June 27, 2005, came out even, largely due to enhanced technology for regularly tracking the budget throughout the fiscal year.

“Because we’ve had software updates and auditors that work with the town, we’ve been able to have a better grasp on the budget,” Truitt said. “The council has worked to be as fiscally responsible as possible. That is a big plus and it has gotten better each year.”

The town council will schedule a date for the final adoption of the budget during the course of their next meeting, which is set for July 11.