HB 99 makes a comeback

The bill formerly known as H.B. 99 cleared the House Labor Committee as H.S. 1 on March 16, headed for a March 17 vote on the House floor.

H.S. 1 is titled “An act to amend (various sections) of the Delaware Code relating to discrimination employment, public works contracting, housing, equal accommodations and the insurance business.”

Much of the bill involves the placement of “sexual orientation” behind “age” or “handicap” or “religion” or whatever word ends the standard list of conditions based upon which employers may not discriminate.

The language especially notes an intention to stand fast against same-sex marriage.

In addition, from the bill, H.S. 1 “does not require employers to provide domestic partner benefits,” and “religious organizations, including those that receive Grant-in-Aid funds, are exempt in their employment practices from the provisions of this Act.”

Labor committee member Rep. William Oberle (24th District) is H.S. 1’s main sponsor. The bill came out of committee on a one favorable, four on its merits, two unfavorable vote.

Again, the House was scheduled to vote on H.S. 1 on March 17.