Dagsboro looks to tighten up

Dagsboro advertised a thick agenda for the Feb. 27 town council meeting, and by the end of the meeting, council members decided it was time for a change.

Town Solicitor Tempe Steen suggested they limit their agenda by requiring that business be submitted to Town Hall several days ahead of the meeting.

Council agreed to set the cutoff at 10 working days prior.

According to Steen, the town was beginning to see applications, requiring state or county feedback, in contrast with much of the business that appeared before councils past.

For example, although the Dagsboro Church of God (DCOG) and PGS Properties projects (west side of Route 113), and the General’s Green project (north side of Clayton Street) appeared on the agenda, none were ready for review.

All three have run up against issues regarding sewer capacity.

• PGS is seeking annexation and rezoning of roughly 41 acres, for the Dagsboro Town Center (mixed-use highway commercial on 17 acres and 24 for multifamily housing).

• The DCOG project would also call for annexation of 37 acres, and rezoning for apartments for seniors, retail office and townhouses.

• The General’s Green project has changed from a rezoning and annexation (on 295 acres) to rezoning only (513 units on 116 acres, in town) due to limitations in both sewer and water.

Council also rescheduled a public hearing regarding the Kollock Family Limited Partnership lands (re-subdivision — 25 lots on 12.19 acres), until the next meeting.

In other business, council reviewed and approved a water regulation ordinance for the town.

The town will levy a $3,000 impact fee on undeveloped properties, to follow existing impact fees related to fire and ambulance.

If newcomers hook up within 365 days of system completion, the fee will be waived.

A portion of the impact fees will revert to Millsboro for infrastructure upgrades.

According to engineer Chuck Hauser (Davis, Bowen & Friedel), Millsboro essentially provides the water.

It will be tested for quality there, and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will conduct periodic tests in the town of Dagsboro, and has contracted Artesian for monthly testing, Hauser said.

The water will cost $120 per residence per quarter, up to 9,000 gallons, and $3 per gallon after that.