Ocean View Planning and Zoning moves on signs

Ocean View Town Council is cleared to move forward on a new sign ordinance, following a thumbs-up from the Ocean View Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commission on Feb. 17.

The ordinance came about as a result of Jeff Clark’s application for a variance before the Board of Adjustment (BOA) back in December.

Clark, president of Land Tech (118 Atlantic Ave.), is preparing to welcome professional tenants into new offices at his location. He is approved for a total of eight businesses on the site, and has several confirmed tenants to date.

However, as it stands, Clark’s tenants would have to vie for legibility on one 24-square-foot sign.

He said he’d modeled his request upon the variance at the Raskauskas Shopping Center (12 businesses), which the BOA approved in May 2003.

According to Clark, the same rationale applied, whether there were 12 or eight businesses on the site.

The new ordinance makes provision for parcels with two or more businesses.

Council discussed changes that would increase the size to 32 square feet, and grant an additional 4-square-foot panel for each business, up to 80 square feet max.

(Each business is also permitted a 10-square-foot wall sign, to be attached to the building itself.)

Upon further consideration, council once again reduced the base size to 24 square feet at the introduction (everything else remained as above).

P&Z voted unanimously to recommend approve of the ordinance as amended.

Sign discussions led into a debate regarding lettered trucks parked along Route 26.

According to P&Z Consultant Susan Frederick, the topic had come up in Rehoboth Beach, too. There, the town had addressed the issue by defining what exactly constitutes a sign.

Town Attorney Dennis Schrader offered another example — a “garrison-sized” flag outside a business isn’t a sign, but even if it doesn’t carry a direct advertisement, it’s still an attention-getter.