Recent Millville annexation fills a gap on Windmill Drive

After a recent annexation, the Town of Millville is about 31 acres bigger and could someday be 95 houses heavier.

On Sept. 12, Millville Town Council approved annexation of 31.32 acres on Windmill Drive and Dukes Drive.

As is, the owners (Howard Robert Hickman Revocable Trust) could probably build whatever they’d like as an unincorporated county property. But when they began that process, the County suggested engineer Phillip Tolliver of Morris & Ritchie Associates, Inc., approach Millville to consider annexation.

That will give the Town more power on whether to approve the subdivision or site plan phases.

“It seemed to make sense to be contiguous. There’s a town park that’s being built next door to the site,” Tolliver said of the Dukes Drive playground. Plus, the county is planning a very nearby pump station, and the Tidewater main is directly in front of the site.

“We’re only proposing 92 to 94 single-family lots, so we’re well below what the county envisioned this being developed as,” he said.

The neighborhood, tentatively called Peregrine Bay, would include a wooded buffer along the tax ditch, small clubhouse and pool. The small existing cemetery would be left undisturbed, but buffered or blocked off.

“The builder has not been officially determined, but right now we’re leaning toward a more upscale community instead of an entry-level community,” Tolliver said.

But several neighbors were concerned about the recent felling of nearby trees and cluttering of the tax ditch, with rain and debris.

Town Council touted the advantages to town and voted unanimously (with Susan Brewer absent) to accept the annexation.

“Welcome to Millville,” said Town Manager Debbie Botchie.

The land (Sussex County Tax Map parcels 134-12.00-394.00 and 134-12.00-394.04) was also rezoned from Sussex County’s AR-Agricultural to Millville’s R-Residential District.