MillVols to sponsor May 16 community safety talk

The Millville Volunteers, a citizen volunteer group made up of residents from surrounding communities, is offering local residents the chance to learn more about community safety.

“We have a Neighborhood Watch car in Millville, and we’re all alert, but I think he can give us more tips on safer way to do things,” said Maggie King, event coordinator for the Millville Volunteers, or MillVols, about the opportunity to hear from state police on the issue of safety.

On Wednesday, May 16, at 10 a.m., Delaware State Police Sr. Cpl. Jorge Camachl will be speaking at the Millville Town Hall regarding home and community safety.

“I understood that he had given a talk in Bethany Beach and that over 100 people showed up. I think people were really interested,” said King. “I called the Delaware State Police, and he agreed to come down. I feel it shouldn’t be just for volunteers – it should be for anybody in the community.”

King said that Camachl will give a presentation to those in attendance, to help better prepare residents for the upcoming tourist season.

“With the tourist season coming and all the people coming down here, we should know this. We should know how to make our houses safer and how to be safe while we’re walking around in the community.”

King said that such training sessions are common for the volunteers, who regularly get first-responder training and CPR certifications.

“We have about 30 members, and most of them are pretty active, too,” she said, adding that the volunteers help with multiple community events, including the Artisans Fair in Millville, on Memorial Day weekend this year, and Ocean View Homecoming, which is set for May 12 this year.

King said she hopes that the community members will come out to learn more about being safe in their own communities.

“I just hope it makes us all more aware of what’s going on around us, instead of just walking around in dazes… We have to be a little bit more alert on our surroundings. You have to be a little more careful,” she said.

“I would just like to see as many of the community members to come – they’re all welcome to come – learn what’s going on and be more aware. To keep safe in our communities, that’s really what we need to do.”