Patsy’s seeks hidden-gem musicians for summer performances

Musicians eager to entertain at the shore could get to enjoy the spotlight at Patsy’s restaurant in Bethany Beach.

Owner Patsy Dill Rankin is inviting musicians to audition for the summer season, to “give people a chance to play in front of customers, and give us a chance to see what’s out there and have live music,” she said.

“Whether it’s a guitar player, flute, violin, clarinet, small keyboard, Patsy’s might be the place for you!” Rankin said.

The idea, she noted, is to give individuals a chance to play when they might not usually have that opportunity, whether they’re professionals or talented amateurs seeking to play outside the home. It helps people to get experience and get their names out in public. Rankin said the restaurant can also highlight the musician’s performance through newspaper advertising.

“I thought it would be a great thing for people who play an instrument to have a chance to perform somewhere in town,” Rankin said. “We had Jeff Severson come last year many times, and he was amazing, and now we want to see more.”

Due to the restaurant’s limited space, Rankin said, she had hesitated to host live music, but she soon changed her mind. Audiences loved hearing Rankin’s friend and finger-style guitarist, Severson, play blues and jazz, so she decided to make it a tradition.

“It was just lovely, not rowdy stuff,” Rankin said. “Great background music.”

There is only room for one musician in the intimate dining area of Patsy’s, which serves Key West- and Southern-inspired cuisine. The issue of space led Rankin to seek individuals instead of bands, which take up more room.

“I think it would be fun, especially finding some local talent,” she said. “You see bands play here and there, but we’re just looking for that one person.”

Rankin jokingly referred to the auditions as “Bethany Idol,” but with more winners.

Musicians hoping to perform at Patsy’s should have at least one hour’s worth of material. To schedule an audition or learn more, contact Patsy’s restaurant at (302) 537-2433.