Millsboro Chamber of Commerce makes temporary move

The Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce will have a new, temporary home for the next nine to 12 months.

The Chamber offices moved out of Millsboro Town Hall last week, while the building is undergoing renovations.

“The Town did offer us a small area,” explained Chamber Coordinator Amy Simmons. “But we just felt like we needed a little more room because most of our major events are coming up.”

The Chamber will temporarily reside one block south of the McDonald’s in Millsboro, at the former Baybreeze Gift Shop location.

“The Baybreeze sign is still up. but in the marquee part we have ‘Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce office here.’”

There is also a display area for business information in the Chamber’s new location on Route 113, as it is larger than its former home in town hall.

“One of the nice things is we will have a meeting area here, so we won’t have to be traveling to different locations for different meetings. Any type of meeting we have will be here, other than our membership meetings, which we have at restaurants.”

Simmons said the Chamber will not be considering a permanent move, as the renovated town hall will have an area for their offices.

“In the plans, with the reconstruction that’s going on, they have, within their area, put an area for us. We’ll have two rooms. We’ll have an office room and another room where we have our meetings.”

She noted that the only thing that has changed for the Chamber is their physical location, while the phone number and email address of the Chamber has remained the same.

She added that if visitors or residents would like to get information on Chamber events, they can feel free to stop into the new location.

“If people need any type of information about the area, or relocation packets, I still have all that available here at the Chamber office.”

The Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce is now located at 28436 DuPont Blvd, in Millsboro. They can be reached at (302) 934-6777 or by email, at