Millsboro accepts asbestos-abatement bid for town hall

This week, Millsboro Town Council voted 7-0 to accept a bid from Royal Plus to conduct the asbestos abatement process project for the town hall.

The Town received four bids for three different options: (1) remove all the asbestos found in the building, (2) remove all asbestos with the exception of the kitchen and area under the stage, and (3) remove the tile and mastic at the top of the stage only.

Town Manager Faye Lingo recommended that the council approve the second option and not touch the kitchen or stage areas.

“I’d rather save the kitchen as a whole separate project further down the road… since we’re not updating,” she said. “It’s not doing any harm, so why absorb those costs?”

The abatement project will be broken into two phases, with the first beginning around April 2, and must be completed within three weeks, before the first phase of the town hall remodel is scheduled to begin.

The second phase of abatement will begin around Feb. 1, 2013, and will need to be completed in two weeks.

Royal Plus was the lowest bidder on the project at $24,115.30, or $2.20 per square foot, for that second option.

In other town news:

• The council also voted 7-0 to sign a waiver to allow the Delaware Mosquito Control Section of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to spray within town limits.

• Police Chief John Murphy said that he hopes to send two recruits to the Delaware State Police Academy for the upcoming academy training session in the spring.