Longstanding Chamber guide aids visitors and locals alike

The Bethany-Fenwick Chamber of Commerce has been printing a Quiet Resorts Visitors Guide since 1977, and currently the Chamber, which serves approximately 800 area businesses, is working on their 35th edition.

“We just keep building upon the book,” explained Member Relations Manager Lindsay Maurer. “The Chamber was founded in 1976 and the first Visitor’s Guide was printed in 1977. So, we just keep on compiling and we get feedback and see what’s new.”

The guide is split into six sections and focuses on area transportation, events, restaurants, services, shopping, accommodations and real estate. It also includes a coupon section, so visitors can get great deals from area businesses.

“We like to say that it is the only visitors guide that focuses solely on the Quiet Resorts area,” said Maurer. “It contains a lot of interesting information about the area, helpful tips, places to go, things to see, all that kind of thing.”

Right now the chamber is finishing up receiving advertisements that will be placed in the guide, and by February, they’ll start laying it out, getting it ready for publication.

The guide includes hours of operation for various local sights, including the Fenwick Island Lighthouse.

“We include a lot of hours so that people know when to visit a lot of these places,” said Maurer. ‘We have what beaches are life guarded, where to park, whether you can smoke, fish, all that kind of stuff.”

Maurer said that because they are the area’s chamber, they try to keep the book as up to date as possible for both visitors and locals.

The Visitors Guides are distributed in over 80 Delmarva businesses, as well as through AAA and other visitor’s center throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

“It includes different facts about the area, including beach regulations, so it’s helpful information for people coming to that area. Also, locals stop in and see what beaches you can have fires on and where you can park and all that good stuff. It’s a great resource for people who have been here a million times but there’s new stuff going on in the area as well.”

Visitors and locals may stop into the chamber to attain a copy, call, or request a copy online and it will be mailed out.

“They’ve been mailed to over 46 states nationwide and other countries as well,” said Maurer.

The guide itself has been recognized by the by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives as a publication of excellence.

“It’s an award-winning visitors guide,” said Maurer. “It’s a really high-class publication that is helpful, so people seek out this book to use it. We’re very proud of it.”

Maurer said that the entire Chamber is proud of the area, its businesses and community, and are proud to promote the Quiet Resorts.

“We just think our area keeps having more and more to offer so we get really excited to produce the book. We’re just so proud of the area, we really like putting out this publication that shows it off.”

The Bethany-Fenwick Chamber of Commerce is located in Fenwick Island. For more information, call (302) 539-2100 or visit, www.bethany-fenwick.org.