All Hallow's ready to offer a frightful revenge

All Hallow’s – a haunted town – has been discovered on the Delaware shore this Halloween season, providing a adventure that promises to rival all other haunts.

Coastal Point

“My father-in-law owns Sports at the Beach, and that’s where All Hallows Revenge is situated,” explained All Hallows Media Relations Officer Adam Pettengell. “He decided to make a Halloween attraction that could rival any other.

“I think it was his dream to do something like this. He’s very into Halloween. It’s a big thing to do down here at the beach. We had the space, we had the woods… it was his dream to make it, and that’s why we’ve made a full Western town and gone about making the haunts and the trail, as well.”

All Hallows Revenge has a graveyard, church, haunts, town, mongrel labs and sanitarium, crypts and more.

Pettengell said that, due to the ghoulish and scary nature of the haunt, they recommend it only for those 13 or older.

“We don’t recommend it to children,” he emphasized. “That doesn’t seem to stop children,” he allowed. “We won’t not let children in. We have all sorts already through our gates — big groups, small groups, work groups.”

All Hallows Revenge is open Fridays and Saturdays, from 6:30 to 11 p.m. and on Sundays from 6:30 to 10 p.m., through Nov. 5. The haunt will also be open on Oct. 31, in observance of Halloween. Tickets cost $19 per person, to go through the two indoor haunts and woods, which end in All Hallow’s town center.

“We have the Western town where people can mulch around and take a few acts and the live actors and the photo area and the photo shop we have. I think there’s a bit for everybody,” said Pettengell.

About 50 actors, as well as custom animatronics, inhabit the village and haunts, to ensure everyone has a frightful evening.

“There’s a wolf pack in the woods. In the haunts, there are live actors in both haunted houses, as well as in the town. There’s a small gift shop. There’s concessions, and then, in the undertaker’s, there’s a photo booth. There are two Halloween scenes, which you can choose from, and you can have pictures with the live actors taken from our photography group.”

Pettengell said that it will take about 20 minutes to venture through the two haunts and trail before ending in the village, where attendees can hang out after their adventure.

“We have music, a DJ playing every night. There are live actors in the town who will interact with you,” he said. “There are numerous things you can do once you’re finished with the haunts and the trail. You can purchase another ticket and go around again if you want to, or you can mill around with friends and take pictures.”

Pettengell said that, as this is the haunt’s first year, they are starting off relatively small but hope to expand in future years.

“We’re in our first year, and we know it’s not going to be perfect. This year, we feel we’re going to be growing our numbers, getting our fan base. We have the capabilities to do bigger and bigger. We definitely hope we can expand.”

All Hallows Revenge is located at 22518 Lewes/Georgetown Highway in Georgetown, on the grounds of Sports at the Beach. For more information, call (302) 856-7400 or visit