SPBOA drops newsletter mailing to one per year

Members of the South Bethany Property Owner’s Association (SBPOA) this week agreed that, effectively immediately, the group’s newsletter will only be mailed once per year, with its membership drive. It will be distributed by email three additional times each year.

In a split vote, 13 to 12, members voted down a motion to give notice to property owners that the newsletter distribution would change next year.

Linda Lewis, SBPOA first vice-president, said the membership drive newsletter alone costs about $2,000 to print and mail, and the others each cost about $750.

“We are duplicating information between us and the Town, and it’s redundant,” she said, bringing up for discussion the possibility of just having a section of the town’s newsletter be geared toward property owners. That was an option few of the property owners supported.

George Junkin said he did not want to lose the property-owner newsletter, and Mayor Jay Headman added that the two should be kept separate.

“What I have seen is confusion,” said Headman. “Maybe you could just look at your focus of the newsletter and what you put in it. The email suggestion is good.”

Members of the audience talked at length about the minority of people who still wish to receive the newsletter in printed form. Lewis estimated it is about 175 out of about 800 or so members. Resident Bob Shanks emphasized that it is “2011,” and said people could be told the newsletters simply would not be printed anymore and that they could come to town hall if they needed one.

Junkin said he wanted to wait until next year for the change, pointing out that people who signed up as members this year were expecting newsletters, but it was then clarified that property owners had not been promised any certain type of distribution method.

Junkin’s motion to wait until next year and announcing the change was voted down 13-12. There will only be one mailing, of the membership drive newsletter, and three will be emailed, as a cost-saving measure.

The SPBOA also discussed on May 7 whether the expense of an additional volunteer recognition was warranted in the budget that was passed. Ultimately, they decided that a volunteer “kick-off” would beheld in the fall, at a convenient time for the majority of volunteers and potential volunteers, adding an additional $2,000 to the budget, and another volunteer appreciation would be held in the spring.

In other news from the SBPOA meeting:

? The association voted to increase their donation to the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company from $500 to $1,500.

? They agreed to form a committee to investigate the best way to be organized as pertains to the group’s tax status.

? They discussed the possibility of raising prices on South Bethany merchandise and possibly having dues payable every two years, instead of annually.

? The Bull Roast and annual meeting will be held Saturday, June 4, at town hall. The Garage Band will be performing, and all South Bethany property owners are being invited. The event is free to SBPOA members (two per household), and additional tickets cost $20 per person 13 or older, $8 for 6- to 12-year-olds and free for children 5 or younger.

They ask that people RSVP by Tuesday, May 31, to SBPOA President Kathy Jankowski at (302) 539-8570 or kathyj310@yahoo.com.