Local Realtor using smartphone to sell on the cutting edge

In today’s ever-changing world, people are constantly adjusting to new advancements in technology. “Snail-mail” has long been replaced, for most uses, by e-mail, and social networks have become the most common way to keep in touch with friends and family. Even personal computers and laptops are becoming obsolete, as people step into the new age of smartphones.

xxxxThe bar code above was created using the Microsoft Tag Web site. Visit http://gettag.mobi on any smartphone and download the free app. All that’s left is to open the app and center the bar code above in your phone’s screen. It will automatically take you to the Coastal Point’s Web site.From Blackberries to iPhones and everything in between, phones are becoming more and more like electronic Swiss Army knives, with increasingly more gadgets and gizmos to help make life a little simpler, a little more convenient and a little more accessible.

Coldwell Banker sales associate Don Conant recognized the trend in advancing smartphone technology and has already utilized it to help himself get ahead in the real estate market. While working in marketing for a Fortune 21 company, Conant had access to cutting-edge advancements within the digital world, even 20 years ago.

“My interest in it piqued,” he explained, “and I stayed very close to it.”

Since then, he has found a way to incorporate technology into the real estate market.

“It’s a form of digital imaging,” he explained. “From a business point of view, the Internet has really come into its own. Facebook is the No. 1 site people hit, and Google is No. 2. We’re living in the World Wide Web.”

And he has found that this behavior translates over to the real estate business, as well.

“Roughly 90 percent of people looking for a house start their search on the Internet,” he explained.

And Conant has found ways to adjust with the times.

“People are moving forward, so we’re going to have to take on a whole new dynamic.”

Say hello to digital smartphone scanning – the ability to give a smartphone the ability to read an unlimited supply of information, instantly and conveniently.

A project started by Microsoft allow owners of any smartphone (be it an iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone, etc.) to download a free app that can read specialized bar codes to retrieve information. Restaurants and other businesses have already incorporated the function, and users can now find menus, business directories and reviews as easily as scanning a special tag.

Conant is taking it a step further, setting up bar codes to correspond with individual real estate listings.

“By scanning these bar codes with a smartphone,” he said, “we can send listings of houses directly to your phone. I see people driving through neighborhoods with the Internet print-offs, and there’s only so much information they can hold. If we made a specialized bar code available at a specific lot or site, you could include all the information you are looking for.”

To try out the scanning app, go to http://gettag.mobi on any smartphone and download the free app. Once the app is installed, run it and move the scanner area on the phone’s screen over top of the bar code:

Individualized bar codes can be set up to relate to any URL address.

“The idea is still relatively new,” Conant explained, “but it’s catching on, quickly. You can get an entire listing, a full brochure, in an instant, right on your phone. Customers today are looking for information, and they’re looking for it as quickly and effortlessly as they can get it. If they don’t get it from me, they’ll move to the next agent.”

Businesses around the country, including Arizona, California and Florida, have already started using the smartphone bar code scanners.

“It’s leading-edge stuff,” said Conant. “It’s a way to quickly see what everyone has to offer. It’s a great way for people to market their homes and a quick way for buyers to find out about new ones.”

Conant anticipates that the scanable bar codes will become a common sight in many areas.

“It’s just a matter of time before this really catches on,” he said. “As far as the real estate market, I think we’re on the upturn, and functions like this can help.”

For more information about the capabilities of the smartphone scanner, contact Don Conant at (302) 930-8400.