Amazing Challenge looking for some amazing teams

For those who watch the television show “The Amazing Race” seated comfortably on the couch with the remote in one hand a snack in the other and think to themselves, “I could do that,” now’s the time to prove it!

Using the television reality show “The Amazing Race” as a model, Unite Sussex is putting challenges together that have a Sussex County flavor, all in the name of helping neighbors.

“We wanted to do something that would grow and be fun and be outside the box,” said Unite Sussex Executive Director Lynne Maloy. “We needed a fundraiser and came up with the Amazing Challenge. It really fit everything we were looking for and could potentially grow into a major event.”

She said their event is based off a similar event started in Loveland, Ohio, five years ago that has grown to raise $150,000 this past year.

“There is a lot of potential,” said Maloy. “We are starting slow and being creative.”

The event will pose physical challenges to teams, as well as sensory challenges and intellectual challenges. While the course and the challenges will remain a secret until Oct. 9, the day of the event, Matt Carter, owner of Quest Fitness and Kayak in Lewes, who recently signed on to help Unite Sussex, did admit that teams could prepare for part of the challenge by “working on their kayaking skills.”

Unite Sussex grew out of a series of town hall meetings started by Dagsboro Church of God Senior Pastor Kim Tephabock, as a challenge to start a dialogue between the community organizations that offer assistance and the people who need them. Maloy was brought on in April as executive director, and she said their recent focus has been on assisting with homelessness, mentoring, substance abuse and community transitioning.

Tephabock said, “One of the main goals of Unite Sussex is to bridge the gap between faith-based organizations, (such as DCOG) and the government, other non-profits and individuals. We wanted a different kind of challenge, a different kind of fundraiser.”

He added that they are really “trying to nurture and event that could grow into something amazing, that’s innovative and fun, and potentially be a great gift to the community.” In addition, they will be helping an organization that’s “rolling up its sleeves to serve the community.”

“It’s such a fun, fun thing to do,” added Maloy. “It’s very unusual. Friends can do it, or colleagues, or husband-and-wife teams.

Teams consist of two people (18 and older) and can be family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues. The cost to register a team is $90. To be part of the event, call Unite Sussex at (302) 752-6225 or e-mail All proceeds of the Amazing Challenge go to Unite Sussex.