WEATHER ALERT: Tidal flooding anticipated ahead of Dec. 2-3 storm

Sussex County emergency officials are urging coastal residents and property owners to be alert to weather conditions for the next several days.

Joseph L. Thomas, director of the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center, warned Sussex County Council members and the public on Tuesday, Dec. 1, that a coastal storm was projected to bring 1 to 2 inches of rain into the area from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday morning, Dec. 2-3.

“They don’t think there will be the back-bay flooding of the Veteran’s Day storm,” Thomas said. “But it will be an astronomical high tide, so there could be minor tidal flooding.

“Under normal circumstances, this would be a minor storm, but with the condition of our beaches, it could be an issue,” he emphasized of the fast-moving storm.

Thomas also reported on Dec. 1 that the National Weather Service had advised emergency officials and coastal residents to keep an eye on Saturday’s weather as well, as another storm could come through the area on Dec. 5.