Hocker’s offers savings of food and gas

Starting Nov. 13, Hocker’s and G&E will be offering customers a gas rewards program. For every $100 spent, customers will receive 10 cents per gallon off of gas purchased at Hocker’s or G&E. Through the Hocker’s G&E Gold Card customers will be able to save on various items throughout both stores and pay a discounted price on gas.

“We started the program to offer our customer something that no one else in this area, Ocean View and Clarksville, has. No one else has the gas program. But we want the customer to have instant savings and show that loyalty pays because you’re being rewarded for shopping here,” said Hocker’s manager, Ron Holloway.

Some of the items on your grocery list may even help you earn more towards the gas rewards program. Each week different items in the stores, when purchased, will add up to additional savings on gas. So depending on how much money you spend and what items you purchase, the amount saved on gas will vary. This week, purchasing such items as Steak-umms Sandwiches will earn you an additional 8 cents off of Hocker’s gas.

The Hocker’s G&E Gold Card is similar to any other grocery savings card you may find and will be scanned at checkout. If you don’t already have one, just ask a Hocker’s or G&E staff member.

“We had people here Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week and we’ll have people here Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week, from 8-5,” Holloway continued, “when you walk in the door, if you need a card we’ll fill it out and give it to you right then so you can get immediate savings.”

As for the gas itself, you can use your savings card to purchase any grade or even diesel fuel. When the customer has earned savings, they can head to the gas pump and slide their savings card at the pump and instantly see the rewards.

“The fun thing about it is, when you put your card in, if the gas says $2.50 a gallon, and you’re saving 40 cents, you can watch the machine roll back to $2.10. You see the savings immediately.”

With savings on food and money off gas, the Hocker’s G&E Gold Card is certainly something to check out. As of now, the program has no end date and Hocker’s is planning to keep the program going longterm.

“We’re just trying something different to keep our customers happy and attract new customers,” said Holloway, “Everybody in this day and time could save on gas.”