McComrick Insurance offers reasuring personal touch

With the economy seeming more like a rollercoaster than anything else, many people these days are worried about their financial stability. Health insurance can be expensive, and in a coastal area there are a number of extra worries for homeowners. Dealing with insurance companies can often be overwhelming; but agencies such as McComrick Insurance provide a simple way to handle insurance.

“We’re a full-service independent agency; so we work with a lot of different insurance companies,” said Julee Fox, who is one of the vice presidents of sales at McComrick, along with Katie Floyd. “The company has been around for 25 years, and we just relocated on December 18th.”

McComrick works with insurance companies, such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, to provide insurance for home, auto, rental, flood, business owners, business auto, workers’ compensation, small business health, individual health, short-term health, Medicare supplements, life insurance, and both short- and long-term disability.

McComrick, which was formerly located in Dagsboro on Route 20, has undergone a few improvements recently, which they hope will make them even more enticing.

“We have two new sales people coming to the company, which is exciting – one in life and health, and one in commercial insurance,” said Floyd. “They’ll be out-of-office representatives who will be able to go to the customer to help with their policies instead of customers having to come to McComrick. Of course, we can certainly help anyone who just walks in, too. Once a policy comes in, we’ll mail it out to the customer.”

Now located on Route 113, and still in Dagsboro, it is even easier to get in touch with McComrick than in the past.

“We’re a customer-service agency, which seems to be a rare thing. For example, we have a secretary that answers our phones; versus the automated machines that you usually get,” explained Floyd, who has a reputation of going above and beyond to help out her clients. “When people come in, we help them personally instead of directing them to an 800 number. “

“With some insurance companies, it can be very hard to get in touch with them directly should a problem arise,” Floyd continued. “It makes it much easier to have a specialist sitting down with you to help with the paperwork and the phone calls. We’re a middleman, but it’s our job to make it as easy as possible for the customer. Beyond convenience, there are also discounts to having your insurance all handled by one company.”

McComrick’s friendly atmosphere and willingness to help certainly reflects in their business. Despite the economic problems many businesses are facing, “we’re doing really well,” Fox commented. “We’ve had an increase from last year, and we’re meeting our goals; so everything is moving smoothly.”

“We get a lot of small businesses in this area,” Floyd explained. “Delaware seems to be a pretty expensive state as far as health insurance goes, most likely due to the size of the state. Delaware also doesn’t have any statewide insurance for severe injuries and health problems, so everything is routed through Medicare and Medicaid. That can be a big strain on new companies that are starting up.”

McComrick can also help with personal policies too.

“Another of our primary focuses is on Medicare supplements, for people who are 65 and older.” Floyd continued. “A Medicare supplement helps pay for anything that Medicare doesn’t.”

Operating in a coastal area provides some unique obstacles for homeowners that are not often encountered elsewhere.

“There are a lot of coastal issues for homeowners in the beach area,” explained Fox. “A number of insurance companies won’t write within a thousand feet of the water, and there are wind restrictions, too. A few companies have even moved farther away from the shore.”

“Houses on the coastline go through a non-standard market, which is like a surplus and excess company, which handles high-risk cases,” she continued. “We can help people work through those difficulties. We’re pretty competitive. We have a lot of markets that we can go to that fit everybody’s needs. It’s like one-stop shopping. Anybody who comes through our door we can handle. A lot of our companies can beat the prices of bigger companies that are advertising on TV.”

McComrick’s staff can be contacted at (302) 732-6655 or online at Health and life insurances questions may be directed to, Business insurance inquiries may be sent to and personal insurance questions to