Giddins settles in Millville after high-flying start

Dr. Danielle Giddins, M.D., is now taking patients at her Millville office, above Halpern Eye Associates on Route 26.

Coastal Point • Monica Fleming: Dr. Danielle Giddins sitting in her Millville office at Halpern Eye Associates on Route 26.Coastal Point • Monica Fleming
Dr. Danielle Giddins sitting in her Millville office at Halpern Eye Associates on Route 26.

Giddins, whose specialty is family practice medicine, recently finished up with her previous military obligations and started seeing patients in September. Since there was no full-time provider at that location before, she has spent much of her first month “playing catch-up” and has been welcoming about 10 new patients per week.

From about junior high on, Giddins, who is from Dover, knew she would like to pursue a career in medicine and started to research ways to pay for medical school. She decided to enlist in the Air Force. She went to Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and then did her residency at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

After that, she completed her military obligations at Pope Air Force Base in Fayetville, N.C., and started interviewing for a position with Peninsula Regional Medical Group. After a four-month deployment last year to Kuwait, and then taking the summer off, she began seeing patients in Millville.

Giddins said she enjoys being a family-medicine physician because it allows her to really get to know her patients.

“Family medicine is from birth to death,” she said. “And you get to treat the whole family, and you get to know them, and it allows you some insight.”

She especially enjoys women’s health and working with kids, but as a family practitioner, she has a broad range of knowledge, from sports medicine to obstetrics to geriatrics.

For the most part, after moving around frequently for school and with the military during the course of her education, Giddins said she is ready to settle down and stay in Sussex County for a long time – something that will allow her to really bond with her patients as a partner in their care.

“My goal is to be able to provide long-term care,” she explained. “It would be very rewarding in 20 to 30 years to still have some of the same patients. I feel like this is home, and I am ready to stay in one location.”

“I really enjoy getting to know people on a personal level,” she continued. “I look forward to working together with them as a team. It’s less me telling them what to do and more me giving them the options and them following through – that’s how I approach medicine.”

Peninsula Regional Medical Group’s Millville office is located at 142 Atlantic Avenue in Millville, above Halpern Eye Associates. Giddins in the Millville office Mondays through Thursdays, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and on Fridays until 12:30 p.m. There is always a doctor on call in her network. For more information or to make an appointment, call (302) 537-1457.