Fair warning from Four Daze Notice

The members of Four Daze Notice went with a play on words when developing a name for their band. But, for the most part, the young quartet’s name stems from their first, impromptu performance.

band: Four Daze Notice plays a gig at the Chalkboard Tavern in Bethany Beach.Coastal Point • JESSE PRYOR
Four Daze Notice plays a gig at the Chalkboard Tavern in Bethany Beach.

“My father signed us up for a gig,” said lead guitarist Taylor Knox. “We hadn’t really played together, and we found out four days before our first show. We had four days to throw everything together, but it came together pretty well.”

Impressively, this was just at the start of the summer. Even more surprising, the three-month-old group of Sussex Countians is one of the youngest local bands on the map.

It’s one thing to try to establish a recognized group, but the band members have found themselves also struggling against typical teenage scheduling conflicts, such as school and sports.

Knox and lead vocalist Alyssa Wlosinski still juggle their class work and extracurricular activities as students at Indian River High School, while drummer and recent IR grad Mark Bernan manages his own priorities. He’s pursuing his musical talent at the Collective School of Music in New York City. Bassist Nate Kortvelesy, a junior at the University of Delaware, travels back to the Dagsboro area for practices and gigs when able.

“It’s tough,” said Knox, “but we work on it as much as possible.” For the time being, Four Daze Notice practices and performs on weekends. Knox is using this group a stepping tone for one of his greatest ambitions as well. “I’d like to go to Berklee [College of Music in Boston],” he said.

The band plays a wide selection of cover songs, but Knox and Bernan are currently developing some originals, though it’s still a work in the making. “It’s not really the style this band’s familiar with,” Knox said. “It’s more hard rock and metal.”

Music has always been an inspiration for Knox, who picked up a guitar at only 10. “We play a lot of favorites,” Knox said. “We do a lot of classic rock, blues and pop. We do a little jam band stuff, too.” His inspirations come from Jimi Hendrix and John Petrucci, guitarist from the progressive metal band Dream Theater. He also recognizes the talent of Jake Banaszak, guitarist from local trio Lowercase Blues.

“We play what people want to hear at the bars,” Bernan added.

Bernan’s talent on drums is a fairly new addition to his personal repertoire. He began with guitar at a young age and has experimented with other instruments.

Kortvelesy has been playing since he was 13, learning most of his passion from his father. Kortvelesy played in a band through high school, known as Hard to Come By. “Playing together’s a little hectic,” he said, particularly having to drive to the southern Delaware shore on most weekends. “But we all know the songs, so it’s a little easier that way.”

For fronting female Wlosinski, singing with the guys wasn’t exactly a simple task at first. “A lot of the bands we cover have male vocals,” she said. “I had to really revamp everything for a female lead.”

Much of her appreciation for music comes from songs and styles of pop artist Kelly Clarkson, though the band’s playlist now includes a wide selection of artists, including Sublime, Hendrix and Red Hot Chili Peppers. “Not a lot of bands as young as us play the kind of music that we can,” she said. “I think a lot of people are surprised when they hear us performing the songs we do.”

As for drawing on her inspiration, as a child, Wlosinski would watch her grandfather sing in choruses, and quickly developed a love for music. She’s enjoyed the spotlight since elementary school, when she had the opportunity to perform in the school’s music and arts festival. She’s also taken the stage for Indian River High’s variety show, singing competitions and the school’s chorus.

“I really like performing,” she said. “I’ve known Taylor for a long time, so when I got a call to come sing with them, I was ecstatic. Everything’s going really well.”

Four Daze Notice has only played up a handful of gigs since they began, including three at Fat Tuna Grill in Millville, and one at the Chalkboard Tavern in Bethany, but they hope to increase that count this fall and winter, as time allows. Their next performance will be at Magnolia’s restaurant in Ocean View on Oct. 27.