Sharks going on swimmingly in fourth year

For the Sea Colony Sharks swimming team, their fourth year proved to be their best yet. They finished the season with a record of 6-2 — their first winning record since the team formed — and sent 33 swimmers to the championship round of state competition.
“This was great season,” Sharks head coach Jen Mulligan said.

In addition to posting their first winning record in four years, the Sharks were also able to fill every division this year.

“This is the first time I knew I’d never have an open lane,” Mulligan said.

The Sharks took more than 100 swimmers to the Delaware Swim Championships held at the Dover YMCA. Their biggest age group was ages 8-12.

“We’re light on 15- to 18-year-olds. But we have a ton of 8 and under. We have a ton of 10 and under. And we have a ton of 12 and under,” Sharks assistant coach Johanne Danver said.

“We’re growing, and it’s getting better,” she said. “But, as they age, our team will become more complete. It’ll build from the top to the bottom, or as I should say, from bottom to top.”

The coaching staff was very pleased with the growth of team and the success they experienced, and attribute it to several things: their extended staff, dedication by the swimmers and because the Sharks give siblings who differ in age an opportunity to be on the same team, which they wouldn’t have in other sports.

“I couldn’t have done this without everyone here [at Sea Colony],” Mulligan admitted.

In addition to Danver, Mulligan credited Sea Colony Fitness Center Supervisors Mike Pitts and Jen Neal, Head Supervisor Amanda Savage, Head of Aquatics Mike Yandel and the two remaining assistant coaches, Donna Smith and Kelly Raab.

“This is great family fun,” Danver said. “This way a brother who’s three years older can be on the same team as a younger sibling.”

And though the summer program is coming to a close, the Sea Colony Sharks swim team also has a winter program. Anyone who would like to enroll can contact Amanda Savage at (302) 539-4511.