Tough competition keeps up through Day 3 of series

With the Little League Senior Softball World Series under way in Roxana, the fans are definitely witnessing plenty of exciting action on the field. Ten teams are aggressively swinging for the title, including the hosting District III team from Laurel, five teams representing their regions across the country and four international clubs.

Coastal Point • Ruslana Lambert: An Asia-Pacific player prepares to bat.Coastal Point • Ruslana Lambert
An Asia-Pacific player prepares to bat.

Three days into the event, the USA Central team from South Bend, Ind., stood above the rest, walking away triumphant in their first three match-ups before facing the USA South on Wednesday, and their bye on Thursday. As of Tuesday, they were the only team to escape with their losing column unscathed.

Asia-Pacific’s team endured an excruciatingly long flight only hours before taking to the field the first day, while Latin America’s ASOFEM team from Maunabo, Puerto Rico, looks to return home with the World Series title, which they captured in 2004.

Central aims to capitalize this year, as the team finished second in last year’s World Series to the team from San Antonio, Texas.

Laurel, Del., coach Jeff Evans is hoping he can make a statement, returning this year with much of the same young team that won the District III title to play as the host team the past two years.

Plenty of new faces, however, want to put their names on the map, including regional champs from West Cumberland County, N.J. (USA East) and Virginia Beach, Va. (USA South).
Coastal Point • Ruslana Lambert: Latin America’s Kirara Nazario slides into base.Coastal Point • Ruslana Lambert
Latin America’s Kirara Nazario slides into base.

The championship game will be held this Saturday, Aug. 9, at 4 p.m. at the Pyle Center in Roxana, on the Ebbets Field, and will be broadcast live on ESPN2. Third place will be decided in the match-up held earlier that day, at 11 a.m. One of the network’s premier play-by-play announcers, Pam Ward, and analyst Cheri Kempf will be calling the game. Be sure to tune in to the ESPN2 coverage, if you are unable to make it to the game this weekend.

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Coastal Point • Ruslana Lambert: A Canada player watches from the dugout.Coastal Point • Jesse Pryor
A Canada player watches from the dugout.