There's a whole new crane in town

Diversify. Diversify. Diversify. As any investor will say, that’s the key to success. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and don’t have just one basket. For Ken Lloyd of Ken Lloyd Builders, his new basket is a crane.

Coastal Point • Monica Fleming: Ken Lloyd decided to pick up his crane after a conversation with a friend.Coastal Point • Monica Fleming
Ken Lloyd decided to pick up his crane after a conversation with a friend.

After moving to the area 12 years ago from Pennsylvania, Lloyd started off as most young men in coastal Sussex County do — in construction. Thanks to the insight to expand his construction business to include a crane service, he can now stay busy, at a time when many people in the building industry are concerned about layoffs and lessening prospects.

Lloyd started his business when he got to Delaware, and thanks to a surge of growth in Sussex County in the past decade, he has been enjoying working for himself ever since. He prides himself on his experience and attention to detail with interior and designer trim work, especially gingerbread trim, often seen on historical Victorian-style homes and porches in Lewes and Rehoboth Beach.

Like many smart businessmen, after a while he decided he wanted to branch out and diversify his business and he found his niche — crane work.

“I was talking to a guy from Noll Brothers. His guys were setting up trusses, and I struck up a conversation with him. He had one for sale, and I had wanted one for a couple of years, so I jumped on it.”

For most people, having the responsibility of such a big-ticket item would not come easy, but Lloyd did his research and forged ahead with his eyes open. He saw a need and a wanted to meet it.

After buying the crane, he hired a local driver with a commercial license and 35 years of experience. Now, instead of having to call someone from Lewes or Seaford or even farther afield, local contractors or homeowners can call Lloyd, something that is important to him, as all his prior work has been high-end trim work for beach homes.

The crane itself can be used for everything from remodels to new construction to special projects.

“The crane is a 35-ton crane with a 100-foot boom extension,” he said. “It can be used to set trusses, heating and air conditioning units, steel beams, hot tubs, prefab walls — you name it, I can move it.”

He added that word is getting out that there is a new crane in town — something that pleases Lloyd as he embarks on his new venture.

In addition to being part of his overall plan to expand his business and provide a necessary service to local contractors, the crane serves as a visual reminder to all young men who start in construction: that with a little foresight — and a really big toy — you can always stay busy and make friends. “Oh yeah,” said Lloyd, laughing. “It’s impressive.”

Crane services are available at $90 per hour with a four-hour minimum. For more information on Lloyd’s Crane Service, a division of Ken Lloyd Builders, call (302) 258-9411.