CurveSmart — A digital personal trainer at your fingertips

CurveSmart, the revolutionary technology five years in the making, is available at two local Curves studios, in Ocean View and on Route 54 in Williamsville Country Village.

Coastal Point • Monica Fleming: A group of ladies takes advantage of the new CurveSmart technology available at both the Ocean View and Route 54 Curves.Coastal Point • Monica Fleming
A group of ladies takes advantage of the new CurveSmart technology available at both the Ocean View and Route 54 Curves.

According to Brenda Tilton, owner of Curves in Ocean View, the system takes the guesswork out of exercising.
“It’s the most advanced fitness training system for women,” she said. “It is very personalized and it’s like having your very own personal trainer.”

The machines are the same machines as found at the studios before, and the system of using them is the same. Each woman still uses each of the stations for 30 seconds. But, now, with CurveSmart’s new features, it’s “as if it’s day one” at Curves, said Tilton.

“We have a lot of people from D.C. and Virginia that had it before us, and they would tell us about it. But I wasn’t sold on it. I went to Rehoboth because they got it and I was like — ‘Oh, my God, it’s a no-brainer. It takes the guesswork out of it.’”

CurveSmart members now have an ID tag, which they can wear on a wristband, that holds all of their personal information, such as height, weight, any health issues, medications and blood pressure information. After they complete their workout, the information for the day is downloaded.

Members choose the program that fit their needs: Fit n’ Trim, which Tilton said most members will prefer; Muscle Size ‘n’ Strength, for body sculpting; Cardio, for members with health concerns; and Endurance, for members who are fitness enthusiasts and who really want to be challenged and work to their maximum level.

Because the CurveSmart technology forces members to achieve their recommended results, with a green light indicating if they are working to potential, Tilton said there is a noticeable difference in the way the room sounds.

“It is so silent in here now, because they are concentrating. Before, there was a lot of talking, camaraderie — maybe not a lot of working out. But now, they’re concentrating on results. For every woman that wants results, it’s like having a personal trainer tell you what to do.”

“It makes them work to their potential,” added Brenda Granz, owner of the Curves on Route 54. “It challenges them and pushes them, and they know exactly when they have hit their target.”

“I really am enjoying it,” said Carol Robinson, CurvesSmart user and member at the Curves on Route 54. “It’s fun. I’ve lost 4 pounds.”

Granz and Tilton both said that they keep track of the members using CurvesSmart, and everyone using it has lost something since its inception — pounds, inches, body mass index or body fat.

“It’s motivated a lot of members,” added trainer Tracy Marvel.

Feedback from members is great, according to both women. On Route 54, they have started a log of comments, most of which are along the lines of “It’s fantastic” or “Can’t believe the results.”

Nancy Johnson, who is a member at Ocean View, agreed.

“I truly recommend it. It’s the same workout and machines, but with different results.”

Granz added that they have members who range in age from 13 to 92, and many have health issues, such as with their heart or osteoporosis. Tilton has the same variety of clients and their health issues in Ocean View. But that is something CurveSmart knows as it sets up the correct workout goals for each member individually — as if they each have their own personal trainer that they carry around with them on their ID tag.

“It’s called CurveSmart for a reason,” said Granz. “It really is smart!”

For more information on the CurvesSmart program, call Curves in Ocean View at (302) 541-4400 or Curves on Route 54 Williamsville Country Village at (302) 436-5833.