Hip AHA offers beach-based boot camp

HipAHA, Fenwick Island Boot Camp, is gearing up for its second season, with a June retreat fast approaching.

Coastal Point • Monica Fleming: Megan Bren, Kim Flynn, Janet Twining and HipAHA owner Lori Martin during the boot camp session.Coastal Point • Monica Fleming
Megan Bren, Kim Flynn, Janet Twining and HipAHA owner Lori Martin during the boot camp session.

The camp started last year with a retreat in the fall, with 12 women, according to founder Lori Martin.

“It’s really a retreat for women, to empower women. We have healthy food, guest instructors, Pilates, yoga, exotic dance classes, nutrition and cooking classes and body treatments,” said Martin.

Since that first retreat, HipAHA has grown, and now there are three regular classes each week — two boot-camp classes and one yoga, all held on Atlantic Street in Fenwick Island. The boot-camp class consists of jumping jacks, squat thrusts, crunches and pushups, and is a total body workout set up in one-minute stations.

“It’s about getting your heart rate up and down,” said Martin.

According to Martin, “hipAHA” is a Native American exclamation used when having a really good time, something she says is heard frequently during her boot camps. After attending a “boot camp” in Mexico, Martin wanted to start something similar in Delaware, to take advantage of the area’s great natural resources and beach.

“There are just so many amazing resources available to us, from kayaking, to local businesses to do cooking,” she explained.

Martin describes herself as owner/facilitator for the boot camp. She brings in local instructors, as well as people from around the country and globe. The four-day retreats include a variety of classes, beach walks, meals and shopping excursions, and, in addition to a general fitness focus can also be themed to topics such as a healthy back, beginning exercise or surfing and yoga, or personalized for a girls’ weekend or corporate retreat.
Coastal Point • Monica Fleming: Kim Flynn, Lori Martin and Megan Bren use hula hoops to get in some exercise.Coastal Point • Monica Fleming
Kim Flynn, Lori Martin and Megan Bren use hula hoops to get in some exercise.

HipAHA’s regular classes have expanded after heavy demand in 2007. Last year, Martin wanted to do yoga on the beach. More and more people wanted to come, she said, so she decided she should do a set date and time for visitors to be able to drop in.

Something new she is gearing up for this year is a hooping class that will be taught by a guest instructor from North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

“I’m really excited about that. It is like hula hooping for adults,” she said enthusiastically. The hoops are weighted, so the exercise is more oriented for an abdominal workout.

A guest instructor from Brazil will also be teaching zumba, which Martin describes as a modern-day aerobics set to Latin music.

“It is really fun, and you sweat a lot!” she said. “You don’t even really feel like you are working out, and you might even feel a little sexy!”

The next retreat is June 1-4. Martin stressed that participants are diverse and can do as much or as little as they are comfortable with.

“It’s not supposed to be intimidating,” she emphasized. “It’s just meant to be fun. And we have had women from 32 to into the 50’s, so we can accommodate all ages and fitness levels.”

On Wednesdays in June they are offering a 6:30 a.m. Kripalu yoga class and 7:30 a.m. boot camp (June 4 is 7 a.m. boot camp and 9:30 a.m. yoga). On Fridays in June they will offer 6:30 a.m. power yoga and 7:30 a.m. boot camp. On Saturday, June 7, there is a Pilates mat class at 7 a.m.

Classes cost $5 to drop in on, except during retreats, when drop-in prices are $10. Workshops cost $20. Camps start at $465. Advanced registration is required for all camps and workshops.

All classes will be held on the beach between Atlantic and South Carolina Street in Fenwick Island. Martin noted that there are parking restrictions in the town and advised participants to read the parking signs. Drop-ins should check in regarding space and inclement weather.

For more information, e-mail lori@fibootcamp.com, call (800) 434-8823 or visit www.hipaha.com online.