Selbyville dedicates month to kids' art

This past Saturday, as part of Kid’s Art Month in Selbyville, winners of the Kids’ Art Show could see their work proudly displayed at the Selbyville Public Library. And residents and visitors alike will be able to enjoy the pieces in storefronts across town until almost Easter.

“It really brightens up the town for Easter,” said Lucille Creel, arts chairwoman for the Selbyville Community Club, which has organized the event for several years.

Students in grades 1-12 that live in the 19975 zip code or any of the schools serving that area (including home-schoolers) are encouraged to submit their artwork to the annual show. Media for the works are not designated. They can use chalk, or pencil, or acrylic, etc., and, this year, they even had a few sculpture pieces.

“We leave it open to the students,” said Barbara Brackin, president of the Selbyville Community Club. “We have no set criteria — it’s anything they want to do.”

Prizes are awarded for first through fourth places in each grade level, as well as honorable mentions. All students that participate get a certificate of appreciation, and the students who place get monetary awards.

“The mayor gives out the certificates and shakes their hands,” said Creel. “And I think they like that as much as anything. The kids really like that money, too,” she shared, laughing.

The Selbyville Community Club, with help from the Selbyville Town Council and the library, have put on the show as part of Kids’ Art Month for the past four years. The program was started by the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, with which the Selbyville Community Club is affiliated.

The artwork is judged by 10 of the club’s members, and after it is displayed in the library for a week, it will be dispersed to the storefronts of the town as part of the “Arts in the Community” component of the club.

The kids aren’t the only ones with blue ribbons. For each of the past three years, the Selbyville Community Club has one first place for this program in awards given by its federation.

“Twenty clubs all over the state enter reports and projects, and awards are given by the Delaware State Federation of Women’s Clubs,” said Brackin. “The Selbyville Community Club has one first place in the state for Kid’s Art Month three years in a row.”

“Lu[cille] Creel wanted to pick it up an run with it, and she’s doing a beautiful job with it,” Brackin continued. “It’s time-consuming, so she deserves the credit because she does a lot of the leg work and has a lot of responsibility with it.”

The club even got a proclamation from Gov. Ruth Ann Minner that March is Kid’s Art Month in Selbyville, as well as ones from the town council to the same effect.

“It’s getting bigger and better each year,” said Creel. “The town hall puts it on their marquee, and the library does too. And this year we had 55 winners of cash awards.

“The merchants say it dresses up the town,” Creel noted, “and the mayor says it’s good for the town. When I first chose this project, my intention was to touch everyone in the town with the art, and I think that has been accomplished,” she added.

And the winners are…

The following local students, listed by school and in alphabetical order, won honors in this month’s Selbyville Kids Art Month show, organized by the Selbyville Community Club and hosted by the Selbyville Public Library. Judging was by grade and by popular vote of 10 judges:

Emily I. Triado, third place
Delanie Byrd, second place
Maddie Hogsten, fourth place
Caesar Caballero, third place
Ian Moser, second place
Marlia Cooke, third place
John MacHubscher, second place
Brianna Drummond, fourth place
Mason Saunders, fourth place
Brooke Beam, second place
Allison Dowds, third place
Bic Mar, fourth place

Tim Brasher, fourth place
Courtney Gray, honorable mention
Dylan Morris, third place
Hannah Ruberti, second place
Nell Weaver, first place
Carter Baum, first place
Keeonya Shelton, honorable mention
Jenna Stevens, third place
Jason Satterfield, second place
Payton Saxton, fourth place
Mark Wlosinski, third place

Michelle Givans (sculpture), second place
Stephanie Highfield, third place (sculpture)
Kim Tran (sculpture), first place
Dillon Thune, first place
Cipriano Gonzales-Tomas, first place
Jessica Taylor, second place

Joshwa Kline, honorable mention
Joshwa Simpson, honorable mention
Abigail Simpson, first place
Jacob Turner, first place (sculpture)
Caroline Marie Turner, first place (sculpture)
John William Turner, first place (sculpture)
Phillip David Turner, first place
Sara Grace Turner, first place
Anna Cynthia Turner, first place
James Alden Turner, first place
Rebecca Lynch Turner, first place

William Dorey, first place (sculpture)
Luke Oliphant, second place (sculpture)
Caleb Cisor, third place
Christinea Mahaffie, second place
Lais Furtado, second place
Mykaelah Garonzik, first place
Kellen Cannon, second place
Mitch Abrams, fourth place
Marissa Leslie, first place
Samantha Boocock, honorable mention
Bentley Moran, first place (sculpture)
Kenda Cryne, second place (sculpture)
Hanna Collins, first place (sculpture)
Hanna Davis, second place (sculpture)
Seung Son, third place (sculpture)