A little bit of, well, everything

Take one step into the Bethany Trading Company on Garfield Parkway and you realize immediately that you are not in a typical business. In fact, “typical” can leave your vocabulary as soon as you take stock of the merchandise adorning the walls and shelves.

There are countless retro signs, cabinets of colorful jewelry, walls filled with artistic knick-knacks and enough Crocs shoes to cover the aching feet of a hospital staff.

Forget for a second that this is a place of business, and it’s easy to get swept away to a mental retreat of fantasy. And it’s even easier to find yourself filling a cart with items for your home or office.

“The inventory is humongous and extensive,” said Diana Lewis, who was busy doing an inventory of the store’s merchandise. “We really have anything and everything for everyone.”


Going into its seventh season, owners Stu Eisenman and William Spraul have continued to flush the store with merchandise that is not the typical fare.

There is a phone booth that doubles as a wine rack, old CDs in custom tins and beach-themed art that is not the usual landscape paintings synonymous with the area. The giant collection of Crocs shoes is augmented by an impressive display of Jibbitz — the little charms for Crocs that have become collector items in their own right.

The sprawling building has an array of items that are sure to cause a chuckle or a smirk, a laugh or a confused stare. If there’s truly a place in the community that offers a little of everything, this is it.

The Bethany Trading Company is open seven days a week, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. To contact the store, call 537-3802.