Slow end to Indian's volleyball season

As all things come to an end, so was the case of Indian River’s 2007 volleyball season, as they closed out their year with a hard-fought loss at home to Caravel Academy on Saturday, Oct. 27. The 0-3 shutout didn’t do justice to the perormance the Indians brought against Caravel, moving around the court and sending the score into extended points in the final of three games.

volleyball: Assistant Coach Zmark Sewell stands with graduating seniors Annamarie Brown, Hayley Brennan, Nyssa Altman, Kami Brittingham, and head coach Jess Dodd.Coastal Point • RUSLANA LAMBERT
Assistant Coach Zmark Sewell stands with graduating seniors Annamarie Brown, Hayley Brennan, Nyssa Altman, Kami Brittingham, and head coach Jess Dodd.

Indian River head coach Jess Dodd was pleased with the way the girls played their final match, despite coming off a regretful loss to Polytech earlier that week. “We played a good game,” he said. “We just couldn’t finish the last few points. Caravel has always had a good team. They had some heavy hitters. We were digging and moving, just couldn’t get it today.”

The loss sealed a 6-9 record on the season, excluding the Indian River Challenge tournament held on Oct. 20, where the Indians placed second behind Sussex Central. Indian River was able to capitalize both home and away each time they faced Delmar and Lake Forest, and accomplished wins against Dover and one against Polytech in September.

The girls turned in their jerseys following Saturday’s game, knowing that a good number of them will be returning next year. Some of them have mentioned continuing their play with club leagues through the winter and spring, while others have other athletic priorities. “Club volleyball will have their tryouts,” said Dodd. “It’s just a matter of them getting out there and going for it. Hopefully, most of the returning girls will keep playing and follow through.”

Dodd will have to bid farewell to four seniors before next year rolls around: Kami Brittingham, Annamarie Brown, Nyssa Altman and Hayley Brennan. “This was one of the hardest seasons I’ve ever played,” said Brennan. “Friends are gone. There were a lot of new faces and a lot of attitudes. We were hard-pressed this year. It’s not quite how I expected the season to go in my senior year.”

Brennan has the softball season ahead of her this spring, which she hopes will benefit her at either Adelphi [University] or York College. “I’ll still play some volleyball too,” she added, “probably club ball.”

“This season was a little rougher than last year,” said Brown. “We lost a couple of good players last season, but all in all, I think we did good for what we had. I definitely had fun with it, being my senior year.” After playing soccer in the upcoming spring season, she plans to attend Salisbury University in the fall of 2008, though is unsure whether she will pursue volleyball.

Among the returning lineup next year will be Frankie Stevenson, who managed to bring her Kansas talent as a freshman, and attaining a steady rotation in the games. “It’s a lot different now,” she said. “It will be nice to be moving up a little, though, underclassmen have little say in everything.” In addition to club volleyball, Stevenson plans to participate in basketball and track in the alternative seasons.