Indian River runs through Delmar

After a rough streak of five winless games, Indian River volleyball bounced back Tuesday, Oct. 16, to chalk up a victory against Delmar, following their two-week stint. The Indians were able to shut the Wildcats down in three games, though Delmar tried to keep it close. Indian River came out on top in the crucial second game with a final score of 27-25 after 10 lead changes.

Volleyball 10-12: Katie Farber sends a serve over in Indian River's win against Delmar on Tuesday. The welcomed, 3-0 victory came as a relief from the Indians' recent losing streak.Coastal Point • JESSE PRYOR
Katie Farber sends a serve over in Indian River's win against Delmar on Tuesday. The welcomed, 3-0 victory came as a relief from the Indians' recent losing streak.

Much of the Indians’ performance, noted junior standout Katie Farber, was attributed to the team’s morale.

“It’s all about attitude,” she said. “If we have a bad attitude, we’re not going to get very far. If we’re positive about how we’re playing, we can win more games.” Farber’s aggressive net play earned her several kills and a powerful block in Tuesday’s game.

Her strong, piercing serve is also a contributing factor in the Indians’ performance, as she was able to score two aces against Delmar. Her line-drive trajectory is one of the more noticeable ones on the team.

“I don’t know how I do it,” Farber said. “It just comes.” As a freshman, two years ago, she served underhand, but a shoulder injury last year forced her to make some changes. “I had to relearn all over again, but now it comes natural.”

Indian River head coach Jess Dodd was pleased to be able to tally another game under the win column, the last of which was on Sept. 25 against Lake Forest. “A win’s a win,” he said. “It was tough. Delmar is a powerful team, but we took advantage of their mistakes. When they were connecting, they were scoring points.”

He credited Indian River’s performance with their consistency, an aspect that they have lacked during the past few weeks.

“We kept the pressure on and had good serving,” Dodd said. “We were able to really keep them out of their offensive rhythm.”

Tuesday’s win was the second victory this season over Delmar, the first coming on Sept. 20. “It’s nice to get the momentum back in our court; just take it and run,” said Dodd.

Looking ahead early this week, Indian River was set to go heads-up in another rematch on Thursday, Oct. 18 (after Coastal Point press time), against Lake Forest.

“It’s the same as tonight,” said Dodd, referencing Tuesday’s win. “It’s just a matter of keeping the pressure on and keeping the positive points.” The Indians walked away from their last encounter with Lake Forest with the win.

Although Tuesday’s Delmar match saw the return of senior Hayley Brennan, teammate Hannah Daisey left the game early after a sprained right ankle, and her appearance in Thursday night’s game at Lake Forest was questionable.

Once again, Dodd will be tested with switching up the lineup and rotation of his team. “It’s not fun,” he said.

Saturday, the Indians will host the Indian River Challenge, an all-day tournament testing the strength and stamina of Cape Henlopen, Dover, William Penn, Sussex Central and Indian River. All games register as regular-season games, which could pick up the Indians significantly after their recent drought of wins.

“Two teams will be playing four games in a row,” said Dodd. “It will be interesting.”