Toomey preserving safety in Dagsboro

Sgt. Floyd Toomey has had some shoes to fill since coming on board to the Dagsboro Police Department, but he’s done so, stepping up as acting police chief upon the resignation of former chief William Dudley.

Toomey, who has spent 11 years as Ellendale’s police chief, came to Dagsboro when Ellendale’s public safety department switched from full-time to part-time capacity. Now as acting chief in Dagsboro, he has his goals set.

“It’s an honor to be serving here,” he said this week. “There are some really great people here.”

One of the first tasks Toomey was given as acting chief was to fill the void left by Dudley.

“[Dudley] has done a great job for the Dagsboro over the years,” said Toomey. “My main concern was not to have any lapse in police coverage in the town.”

Toomey has recently appointed a co-worker, Lt. Harry Litten from the Ellendale department, to the Dagsboro force. Toomey and Litten had worked together in Ellendale for seven years.

“It was almost divine in nature that we ended up working together again,” said Toomey.

When Toomey first came on the Dagsboro police force as an officer, a position for Litten was not yet available.

“He had asked me, but at the time there was nothing ready for him,” Toomey said. “Then, when Dudley announced he was resigning, I contacted [Litten] again. It’s as if this position was destined for him. He has been my right-hand man for years.”

Toomey expects the two will bring expert performance to the town, upholding safety and authority.

“[Litten] has over 20 years of experience,” Toomey noted. “I was really proud to be able to bring such a long-time professional to the department. The fact that we’ve worked together so long will only make his contribution here greater.”

On top of maintaining public safety in the town, Toomey said he has other immediate goals for Dagsboro.

“I’d like to replace some of our older vehicles, implement new policies and procedures, and move on with a new era in the town,” he said.

The Dagsboro police department recently moved into a new building, a much-needed improvement for the town.

“The new building has been a great asset and benefit for the station,” Toomey said. “Our town is looking to expand tremendously in the future. We’re on the cusp of exploding, and it’s important that the police department is able to provide safety and comfort to the citizens of Dagsboro.”

Mayor Gary Baker, who appointed Toomey, said he is confident in the protection he will bring to the town. “He is a great individual,” said Baker. “He’s credible and has plenty of experience. I believe he’ll be very beneficial to the area.”

Toomey, who was raised in the Georgetown area, has long ties to Dagsboro. He often visited his grandparents there when he was growing up.

“When I was a boy,” he recalled, “I spent a lot of my summer youth in Dagsboro. My grandparents lived just outside the town limits, on Swamp Road, and I was there every summer. My father was raised here, so I have a nice connection with the area.”

Law enforcement was an easy choice when it came to Toomey’s occupation. After serving several years in the military, he continued into the police force. “It seemed like a natural progression into the department,” he said.

Until a formal process by the town council to decide his long-term role in the department, Toomey will continue to serve as acting chief.

“I’m not sure of the town’s next step,” Toomey noted, “but I will be evaluated before I am named chief of Dagsboro.” Toomey said he has full intention to move up from acting chief to chief, though the length of that process is not yet known.

“[Dudley] was basically like a dynasty in Dagsboro,” he said. “I want to start my own here.”