Selbyville student art show

It is time again for Selbyville students to begin work on another painting, sculpture or piece of ceramic artwork. The third annual Selbyville Community Club kid’s art show is fast approaching.
Any student with a home zip code of 19975 can participate in the contest/art show and should submit their artwork at the Selbyville library between March 3 and March 7. The contest/show has gained in popularity each year and that trend is expected to continue, said Lucille Creel, a Selbyville resident who is organizing the contest/show and is credited for its birth three years ago.

Enter artwork
Any student with a 19975 zip code can submit a piece of artwork between March 3 to March 7 at the Selbyville Library to participate in the third annual contests and show. Entrants must write their name, grade level and school name on the back of the entry. Students entered 317 pieces last year, and 79 of those won a prize. Organizers will hold the art show from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on March 17 at the Selbyville Library. After awards are passed out there, the artwork will hang in the windows of area businesses.

“It was something that was needed,” said Creel about introducing the event in 2005. “The teachers were very excited for their children to be able to display their work.”

Creel, who stressed that event participants do not have to be art students, said local students turned in 317 pieces of artwork last year, and 79 of those were prize-winning. Categories are based on grade and style of artwork. Entrants should write their name, grade level and school name on the back of the entry.

Creel said that event organizers hope to reach out to disabled students in the area also, expanding the event with another category and likely more entries. The $300 grant the event received from town council this year — the most it has ever donated — could help make that a possibility.

“They’ve taken a real interest in it,” Creel said of the Selbyville Town Council. “They recognize that it’s good for the town.”

After allowing time for set-up, the art show will be held from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on March 17 at the Selbyville library, where officials will hand out awards. The entered artwork will line the library’s walls, while entrants, their families, judges and other community members peruse the building with offered refreshments.

Then, in perhaps the most interesting aspect of the annual event, officials will hang the artwork in windows of Selbyville businesses to allow even more of the public to see the students’ artwork while they walk and drive through town. Though she was wary of the idea at first, Creel said she has been amazed at the support shown by local business owners.

“The merchants have been very receptive,” she said. “They really have thought that it was a beautification of the town.”

And they have certainly assisted in growing the art show and in implementing Creel’s vision, she said.

“(The hope is) to involve everyone in the whole town in some way or another with the arts,” said Creel. “(We want to show) that they have been touched. And they have been touched.”