Completion date for new OVPD building improves by two weeks

Cold weather moving in may discourage some of the construction on the new Ocean View Police Department, but work thus far has been spot on. In fact, the completion date of the new building, originally set for the second week of June, now sits at May 18, according to Willow Construction’s project manager, Rebecca Howe.

“Everything’s really coming together,” said Howe, at Monday’s Public Safety Building Progress Meeting. “We’re going to be able to turn everything over a few weeks ahead of time, and that’s really a great feeling.”

Prior concerns, such as the sprinkler system water lines and a transferring of a Verizon account, are now a thing of the past. With roofing and interior framework complete, construction continued this week with installation and drywall. Plumbing has already begun and an electrician is expected to begin work in the next week. Weather permitting, the exterior will see siding go up soon, too.

Howe noted that the low temperatures and wind chills may be too much for workers, though she said she has no complaints with where they are now.

The committee is seeking a casual walkthrough with the state fire marshal to ensure adequate safety measures are being taken in the construction.

“I think it’s something we should be conscious of,” said architect John Fellgraff. The fire marshal holds ultimate authority in the construction of every commercial building, and can ultimately call for reconstruction of any particular aspect he deems unfit. “I’d hate to have stuff built up, just to find that we have to tear it back down again,” said Fellgraff.

Further development includes a flagpole to be raised at the front of the building, window treatments installed and signage to be secured in front of and on the building. Members of the committee commented on the rapid assembly of the building. They will hold their next meeting on Monday, Feb. 19 at 10 a.m. in the construction trailer at the site of the new police building.