Construction on Ocean View water system under way

Some residents in Ocean View’s Country Village may have received an unwelcome wake-up call on recent mornings as construction began this past week on the new central, public water system to replace the individual wells that currently service the town.

A.P. Croll was awarded the building contract for construction of the water system with their low bid at the end of last year. Construction began last Friday in Country Village, off of Central Avenue, noted Ocean View Administrative Official Charles McMullen.

“They’re most likely starting with the farther points of the town,” he noted. “Then they’ll work their way in to Route 26.”

The water-line construction throughout the town is expected to continue through the spring. “Everything along [Route] 26 ought to be finished around April,” said McMullen. “Then they’ll work on a few side roads.”

Construction is planned to be completed before Memorial Day, to avoid confrontation with summer traffic. The final project is expected to be finished by the end of January 2008.

“Standard construction hours run anytime between 7 [a.m.] to 7 [p.m.] on Monday through Friday, and 8 [a.m.] to 7 [p.m.] on Saturdays,” McMullen noted, by way of warning to late sleepers in the town.