Dagsboro welcomes two new members to council

Terry Hearn and Norwood Truitt were sworn in at Monday’s Dagsboro Town Council meeting for the two-year term, replacing Andy Engh and Kurt Czapp, who held council positions for six and four years, respectively.

Dagsboro Mayor Wayne Baker presented Engh and Czapp with plaques, honoring them for their time and service as members of the council. The two chose not to file for reelection in the new term.

“It’s good to see the town moving forward,” said Czapp.

“The town’s been moving along with the water and the comprehensive plan,” added Engh. “We’re glad the town’s really involving people. There had been meetings where no one has come out. It’s changed for the good.”

As for their choice to not run for reelection, Engh stated that personal priorities need to be considered. “Family does weigh in. It’s good to see the council moving on.”

“Me, personally,” said Czapp. “I don’t think I could fulfill the next two years. I think four to six years is pretty good. Family really has a big part in it.”

As for Hearn and Truitt, who had previously served as members of the town’s Planning and Zoning committee, they said they are looking forward to their new roles as council members.

“I’m interested in the town having a library,” said Hearn. “I know you don’t get one of those overnight, but I would at least like to see something started in the right direction.” Hearn added that he would like to see progress continue on the town’s park and Prince George’s Chapel, too.

At the meeting, the council also took a step toward filling a police position left vacant when an officer left the department. Council members met for a discussion to consider Floyd Toomey, Ellendale’s chief of police. Toomey, who had been with the Ellendale Police Department for 11 years, said this would be a great opportunity for him.

“The town of Ellendale is disbanding their police department,” explained Toomey. “I decided that out of all the towns in the county, this was more in line with what I was used to — small town, small neighborhood.”

The Town of Dagsboro was not at liberty to disclose information regarding Toomey’s position following the Monday-night meeting.