New OVPD to see some aesthetic adjustments

The completion of Ocean View’s new police building at 201 Central Avenue may still be seven months away, but locals won’t have to wait much longer before noticing a change in the building’s appearance.
Special to the Coastal Point • SUBMITTED: A rendition of the new Ocean View Public Safety Building.Special to the Coastal Point • SUBMITTED:
A rendition of the new Ocean View Public Safety Building.

Members of the Ocean View Public Safety Building Construction Progress committee met Nov. 20 and again Dec. 4 to discuss the building’s current status.

“One of the most frequent questions I get is, ‘What’s going to be done with the outside?’” said Ocean View Police Chief Ken McLaughlin at the Nov. 20 meeting. “They’ve got a point — it’s not the most appealing thing. But people just need to hang in there a little longer.”

Walls of lackluster cinder blocks currently line the site, but that will soon change, said Rebecca J. Howe, project manager for Willow Construction. “We lost four or five days [of masonry construction] to rain,” said Howe, “but we’re very comfortable that we will make it up when we start carpentry. By mid-December, we’ll be right back where we need to be.” By late December, construction on the roof and windows is projected to be completed, and the building is scheduled to be weather-tight by the beginning of 2007.

“Once those are done, the exterior siding will be under way,” said Howe. “That should be completed around mid-January.”

The color and material of the exterior siding and roofing have been matched with that of a neighboring residential community, Bear Trap Dunes. “We don’t want it to stick out,” said McLaughlin. “This way, it will be aesthetically pleasing to anyone who sees it.”

As of the Dec. 4 meeting, carpentry had begun. “Frame work will begin in the next couple of days,” said project coordinator, Steve Frischkorn. “By Thursday and Friday, we will be getting the trusses up, then the roof.”

Shingles are expected to go on between Christmas and New Years Day. “It’ll be tough as we approach the holiday,” said Frischkorn. “But we’ve got workers out there six days a week. It’s all going to start coming together.”

McLaughlin commented on the new building’s tight location to Central Avenue and proposed consideration for large stone flower planters paid for by money from the state and Homeland Security.

“We’re as close as we can be to the street,” said McLaughlin. “People come flying around the turn — and God forbid they lose control.” The planters would enhance physical security and improve the visual appeal, he noted.

“It’s not a bad consideration,” said Ocean View Mayor Gary Meredith. The suggestion will be discussed further with a landscaper and the town administrator.

A change request for the building’s substantial completion date was made at a Construction Progress meeting back on Nov. 6. Due to a delay in obtaining required permits, initial construction had been hindered roughly two weeks, noted Howe. The new police station is scheduled to be completed and ready by June 21, 2007.

The next Ocean View Public Safety Building Construction meeting will be held on Monday, Dec. 18, at 10 a.m. in the construction trailer located at the site of the new police building.