Ocean View Board of Adjustments meets for hearings

The Ocean View Board of Adjustments met on Thursday, Nov. 16, for several public hearings. In board action that night:

• Jackie Katz of Beached Blonde Designs was granted variance from §222-94-B(3) of the Town Code to place a wall sign in excess of the signage height restrictions at the south end of her shop at 13 Atlantic Avenue.

• Timothy Yeager presented two hearings in effort to subdivide his land at 3 Butler Boulevard. and create a lot where his daughter can build a house. Yeager was granted variance from Article III, §190-20-M, of the Town Code, permitting him to use an existing 50-foot easement for access to the subdivided property. However, his variance from Article V, §22-20-A was rejected, prohibiting the creation of the new lot, as it would not adhere to the article’s required 75-foot width rule.

• The committee permitted John McMillan variance from Article VI, §222-31.2, which allowed for the construction of a walkway, dock and boat lift on property located at 4 Tingle Drive.

• Gary F. Farmer was denied variance from Articles V and VI, § 222.20-A and §222-23 of the Town Code. Farmer wished to build a shed for his daughter’s storage of personal belongings and seasonal clothes. The shed, however, would intrude 10 feet into the rear and side setback areas and would be within 5 feet of another building on property located at 6 Kent Avenue, thereby violating the Town Code.

• Consideration of variance from Article V, § 220-20-A of the Town Code for resident Robert Kauffman was tabled until the next Board of Adjustment meeting on Dec. 21. If granted, the variance would permit the creation of a lot that does not have the required 75 feet from the front yard through the rear yard on property located at 89 West Avenue. P&Z Chairman Dick Logue noted that he discouraged the creation of a lot that did not conform with the Town Code. Neighboring residents Wally Brown and Andrew Thomas Seech also voiced their disapproval with the variance.

“Our forefathers established the rules for property,” said Seech. “The lots are set to be a specific dimension. Allowing this variance will only make more problems.”

The next Board of Adjustments meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 21, at 6 p.m. at the Town Hall, located at 32 West Avenue.