Dagsboro sets October 19 workshop on zoning changes

Dagsboro Town Council members discussed further the implementation of their Comprehensive Plan, approved in 2003, at the town meeting on Sept. 25. Representatives of town planning firm URS were present at the meeting to help explain the new town-center zoning district and displayed two updated town maps.

Representatives discussed front-yard setbacks, commercial development and future land use. URS also encouraged town members to attend the public open house workshop on Oct. 19, from 4 to 7 p.m., in the Bethel Center. The workshop will provide one-on-one explanations of how the rezoning affects appraisals of their property value.

There are also copies available in the Town Hall of proposed and existing zoning district regulations. Further information on the town’s Comprehensive Plan can be found online at: www.ipa.udel.edu/localgovt/municipalities/dagsboro/.

Also discussed at the Sept. 25 meeting:

• A public hearing will be held in November to discuss the acceptance of 13 residential carriage lights in Prince George’s Acres;

• Improvements were announced for the repaving of Stone Lane;

• A redefinition of bars and/or sports centers in the downtown commercial district is to made at the November meeting;

• A hearing for resolution of the definition of height will be in the November meeting;

• The Mike Hall sign at the Routes 26 and 113 intersection will be improved to have two new signs, one saying: “Welcome to Dagsboro, home of the strongest drug-free man, Mike Hall,” and the other saying: “Home of Prince George’s Chapel, founded in 1755”;

• A “No Passing on Shoulder” sign will be posted this weekend by DelDOT month on Iron’s Lane at the first intersection with Warrington, to eliminate passing on the right;

• The tombstones of those without living ancestors in the cemetery of the Prince George’s Chapel will be cleaned and replaced, if needed.