Young owl finds home

Encounters with deer, snakes and foxes are all too common for residents of Savannah’s Landing, a planned community bordering wetlands and located in Ocean View. But over the past month, members of this community have come face-to-face with a different kind of animal altogether — a baby great horned owl.
Coastal Point • SUBMITTED: This little guy has taken to Savannah’s Landing.Coastal Point • SUBMITTED This little guy has taken to Savannah’s Landing.
Great horned owls are often forced to leave their parents’ nest once they reach a certain age, and Landing residents believe that the same holds true for the owl that they have now seen on numerous occasions.

Community members have been spotting the bird around the neighborhood since May 23, when they noticed it taking shelter under a car to avoid being attacked by blackbirds.

Thinking the bird might be wounded, one conscientious Landing resident called the SPCA, which quickly turned the owl over to Tri-State Birds, a group that deals with the rehabilitation of wild birds. Tri-State Birds returned the owl to its natural environment in the wetlands near the Savannah’s Landing community some days later, after having inspected the owl for possible injuries.

Many community members now have their own anecdotes regarding the owl.

One resident, Beverly Shubert, described the owl standing on a curb and trying to step down from the curb onto the street. According to Shubert, the owl would reach out one of its feet, as if about to jump down onto the street; but, upon realizing its legs were too short, it would suddenly draw one leg back. Apparently, the owl tried this maneuver several times before giving up and hobbling off.

Despite its name, the young owl, standing approximately 1 foot, 4 inches, in height, is by no means a formidable beast. In fact, since its arrival, Savannah’s Landing residents have developed an affection for the owl.

“We have all had a lot of fun watching it. It’s really the talk of the neighborhood. In fact, when we spot it, everyone comes out,” said Shubert.