Fractured Prune coming to Millville

When people visit the Fractured Prune doughnut shop in Rehoboth Beach for the first time, they receive a free O.C. Sand, the shop’s most popular doughnut.

Coastal Point • JONATHAN STARKEY: Dennis Williams and Jeff Ganz, owners of the rehoboth and Millville Fractured Prune stores, stand with Rehoboth store manager Kim Schrecengost.Coastal Point • JONATHAN STARKEY
Dennis Williams and Jeff Ganz, owners of the rehoboth and Millville Fractured Prune stores, stand with Rehoboth store manager Kim Schrecengost.

The honey-glazed treat with cinnamon sugar is sent through the oven, and about 110 seconds later, that visitor is enjoying a hot, free doughnut that was cooked in front of them. And they are usually hooked, the restaurant’s workers say.

In about two weeks, things will be much the same in Millville, when a Fractured Prune opens in Millville Town Center, only a couple of doors down from the Quiznos sub shop.

“It’s fun watching people trying (the doughnuts) for the first time,” said Dennis Williams, a part-owner of the Rehoboth and Millville spots. The Millville location is waiting for fire marshal approval before opening, hopefully sometime in early June, Williams and co-owner Jeff Ganz said.

“It’s a great location because everybody goes shopping there,” Williams said of the Millville store. “There’s not a whole lot in the Bethany Beach area.”

Williams, who spends his summers in Bethany, said that the Rehoboth spot regularly serves customers from this area, who have been ecstatic about the Millville opening.

Besides the “Hole in One” (Rehoboth’s current feature — a hot doughnut of the customer’s choice topped with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and served on a mini-flying disc), the Millville spot will offer the same menu found in the Rehoboth store and shown on the shop’s Web site at

In addition to the doughnut offerings, the shop’s menu also offers breakfast sandwiches, including “The Breakfast Club,” which features two scrambled eggs with ham, bacon with cheese. Bacon or sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches will also be available at the Millville Fractured Prune, along with travel-size cereal boxes, coffee and bagels offered as singles or by the half-dozen or dozen.

Orange juice, water, soda and other drinks round out the breakfast menu. But as good as all of that might be, people don’t come to the Prune just for regular breakfast food, Ganz said. They usually have one thing in mind.

“People come here for doughnuts,” Ganz said of the Prune, which originated in Ocean City. “They wait in line for hot doughnuts. They wait for them because they’re good. That’s one of the things that differentiate us,” he added. “At Dunkin Donuts, doughnuts are only about 10 percent of their sales.”

At the Prune, doughnuts are hard to find upon arrival because they are all made to order in front of the customer. The shop’s specialty doughnuts include a Banana Nut Bread doughnut with banana glaze, cinnamon sugar and peanuts. The French Toast, with maple glaze and cinnamon sugar, has also been a hit. Several offerings are fashioned after their candy-bar namesakes – dipped in peanut butter, caramel or mint glazes before being topped with chocolate mini-morsels.

The Creamsicle, an orange-glazed treat with powdered sugar, the Strawberry Shortcake (offering strawberry glaze, graham cracker crumbs and powdered sugar), Morning Buzz (mocha glaze, Oreo topping) and Trail Mix (banana glaze, nuts, coconut and chocolate jimmies) are just a couple of the other specialty doughnuts that will be available at the Millville shop.

Or customers can create their own doughnuts by choosing from 16 different glazes (honey, banana, chocolate, maple, cherry, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, orange, peanut butter, blueberry, mocha, mixed berry, mint or caramel), more than a half-dozen toppings (rainbow sprinkles, chocolate jimmies, coconut, peanuts, Oreo cookie, chocolate mini-morsels or graham cracker crumbs) and three sugars (powdered, granulated or cinnamon).

Jen and Ken Pimentel — Reston, Va., natives who are vacationing in the Rehoboth area — visited the Prune on Tuesday.

“They’re the greatest doughnuts ever,” Ken said. “We’re here for a week and we bought … a bunch of breakfast food before we heard of this place,” Jen added. “It’s still sitting in the cabinet.”

Williams and Ganz expect the same reaction once the Millville store opens in June or early July.

“It will be a good store. There’s nothing else like that down there,” Ganz said. “It will be a nice thing down there in that area. I actually expect Millville to be busier than Rehoboth.”